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I'm glad I've grown to the point that I realized the meaning of love is not to fall in love with this man. But we used to wishful thinking and romanticizing their flaws. Submit your cute the vices with a delicate hand.

When you want to be touched, caressed, aroused, and squeezing — it's a passion.

When you want to about you in every way cared for, solve your problem, did you gifts have provided you is infantilism.

When you want to be passionately loved, to live without you could not have shared with you all the time and took everything else into the background — is selfishness.

When you want to have a child from a particular person — it's biology.

When you want to he immediately made an offer, she agreed to become your wife — it is dependent on public opinion.

When you love — you do not want. You simply love.

You walk around the apartment brushing his teeth, sending work emails, buy bread, drink tea, call my mom — and at the same time love that person. It can be at this time, anywhere and with anyone. He may not even know that you love him. Different problems occur and on, life goes on as usual, but still somehow you wybalenna.

Yes, it's not practical, irrational and weird. But that's what love is. Everything else is just human passion.

You can build a relationship, not love. You can fight for the life of the child, the first place in the contest or their rights, but not for love. You can expect responsibility for words and actions, honesty or understanding, but not love. Love has no practical result. You just need to learn to call a spade a spade, and then everything will fall into place.

Love is just a pleasant warmth inside your body. And this is the best I've ever felt.

Author: Tamriko Sjølie


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