Specifics of Tobolsk real estate market

Thirty million seventy six thousand eight hundred fifty

Tobolsk is situated in the heart of Siberia and not far from Tyumen, the city's population is almost 100,000 people. Although figures for the population are not the most impressive, the city is developing dynamically, growing, expanding, it is an investment attractive region, people come here for business, study, etc.

All these factors affect the real estate market price trends. You can see the dynamics on the official city websites and forums regarding the average cost of housing, or you may contact Internet sites is the leading real estate agencies or services statistics, for example, https://tobolsk.etagi.com/realty/ to see how large supply-demand and what are apartments, houses on the market.

Specifics of the real estate market Tobolsk
Mostly are one, two, three bedroom apartments in this offer in the town coincides with the situation in other regions. Fewer of the more impressive area of close to four and more. Other features:
  • Very popular is the "quiet centre", that is, the distance from the center to 5 miles inclusive. This is the best option to rid yourself from the noise, choose a quiet place, but at the same time be able to quickly reach both the center itself and in other areas.
  • A good sign is if the site real estate Agency provides information not only about the apartment but also about the number of floors in the building, the distance from the center in kilometers.
  • Many users make a buying decision, based on the cost per square meter. Ideally, the site should be information about the total cost and the price of a meter.
  • The residents of the city have the opportunity to purchase property on the secondary market, but there are many wanting to buy new construction without a Commission: one, two, three, suites, studios, objects that are in the process of construction. The cost of the latter is slightly lower, but will have to wait until the end of construction and putting the building into operation.

Professional support of transactions
Today more and more people think about the fact that it is cheaper, easier and safer to execute the transaction of purchase and sale and not directly with the owner of the apartment, the house, and through the Agency, which implies that competent legal support. Yes, real estate will have to pay for the work, but it pays a significant reduction in risks. It is no coincidence that in Europe and North America the vast majority of transactions taking place through private realtors, specialized companies.

The situation in this market segment in the Russian cities of Tobolsk and is also no exception, also begins to change, adopting foreign experience.


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