The current situation on the real estate market in Saratov

Eighty million one hundred two thousand three hundred fifteen

Saratov is a major city located in the European part of Russia. In terms of population it ranks among the twenty largest towns in the country, although it has not received the status of cities. The population as of 2018 is nearly 900,000 people. However, this is a very attractive place because of its convenient geographical location.

If we consider the population and Saratov agglomeration, the figures will be 1 200 000 people. The specifics are in the real estate market of Saratov, more details can be found on the website and find forecasts, analysis, expert opinion.

Features of the real estate market in the city of Saratov
The cost per square meter varies depending on the season, the specifics, the General situation in the country and position on the international arena. As at the end of 2018 the average figures per square meter amounted to nearly 41 000. Features:
  • The database provides all options, including the classic one, two, three or the category of "curiosities": four rooms or more.
  • Influenced by seasonal factors. But the statistics on independent resources it is seen that in the multi-room apartments the average price per square meter above all, it is just below 45 000 rubles per square meter.
  • The end of summer was characterized by a significant increase in the cost of multi-room options, their price increased by 7.16%. But the classic versions with one, two or three bedroom rose only a few tenths of a percent. This situation is not characteristic of most other large Russian cities are million-plus cities or regional centers of the Russian Federation. It multi unformatted objects are appreciated in other cities the least.
  • In Saratov actively working mortgage programs of the savings Bank and many private banks, in General, the mortgage became more accessible. And this situation is similar with other regions.

Other features of the real estate market
Interest in the acquisition of real estate in the region shown by residents of the capital of Saratov region, to improve their own living conditions. Moving to Saratov residents near and far suburbs and from other regions.

Speaking generally about the Saratov region, is valued most housing in the capital, typical for other regions, as well as in the suburbs, that is, within a radius of 30 km from the metropolis. The city is interesting and the fact that it is more than a dozen reputable higher education institutions, including those associated with the military industry, medicine, technology, economy, governance, and so on.


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