The real estate market of Almaty

Eleven million three hundred fifty two thousand two hundred nine

Almaty is the Kazakhstan's largest city, whose population is steadily approaching 2 million people. And although it is not the capital, but still the metropolis attracts many people: investors, students, freelancers, tourists and travelers. All this has an impact on the real estate market, which is traditionally considered to be very sensitive to internal and external factors: social, political, economic.

Currently are a lot of apartments in this metropolis. Read more about the real estate market of Almaty can be found on the website, which contains all the necessary information.

The specifics of the market
The main demand is for one and two bedroom apartments. Slightly inferior to them in popularity of two-bedroom, about 10% less. And a very small share of the market four-room, five-room, objects non-standard configuration. Features:
  • Many users rely on for mortgage lending.
  • When choosing take into account the General condition of the apartment. The benefits are those analogues that do not require significant investment in repairs.
  • Is set to General and useful area, floor, the presence or absence of plastic Windows, construction year, type of repair, floor, ceiling height. Recently users actively pay attention to the view from the Windows, preferring the scenic parks, artificial and natural ponds.
  • Considerable attention is paid to security issues. Traditionally, the higher the chance to realize apartment, located in a good area with organized Parking, video surveillance, the possibility to communicate with the guards at the right moment. If to speak about modern buildings, it is often the designers consider the Concierge, which is especially characteristic of residential complexes multi-storey type.

Features of the real estate market of Almaty
Implemented new buildings and objects that were built in 60-80-s ' years and are in the lower part of the city. There is an opportunity to buy a house in the foothills: business class, Deluxe, family objects. Attractive to buyers of commercial and residential real estate of elite class are the broad center, the so-called "Golden square" and the corridors of al-Farabi, Dostyk.

As the city is the largest in the country, it affects the price. The cost in the big cities of commercial and residential properties higher in other regions. The majority of people who buy houses and apartments in the city, it is the residents of the city. About 20-30% of customers are people living in the suburbs. A relatively small portion of other regions of the country. At the same time, there is a tendency of some users to the suburbs in the immediate vicinity of the city, that is at a distance of 10 to a maximum of 15 km with the easy ability to quickly get to areas of the metropolis, to go on the Federal highway.


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