Almaty. The beauty of the mountains

More than 100 denominations live compactly in its territory, more than two million people. His magnificent surroundings captivate the imagination of even the most discerning travelers do not disregard truly a gem !!!
For you, friends, Almaty Almaty residents eyes ...

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12) Big Almaty Lake in the summer, is 30mins drive over the mountains in Almaty.

13) BAO summer

14) Botanical Boulevard

15) The surroundings of the city

16) Sunset

17) Wind was here)))

18) City

19) Kok-Tobe

20) The author is not known, the quality is average.

21) President Park

22) nezhdanchik

23) In the mountains above the city.

24) Morning fog

25) Mount

26) Fee


28) President Park 2

29) Foothills aside Talgar

30) Almaty, Samal

31) Lucky photographer

32) Road with highland Medeu, Chimbulak up.

33) Mount Kok-Tobe

34) Enthusiasts erected a monument to Vysotsky, at the peak Talgar

35) Highland Lake Issyk

36) Winter in the City

37) Guys do not break a selection for you to cook well.



40) Kapchik place tusy townspeople.

41) Cascades

42) Kok-Tobe

43) Paints Cities

44) View from Mount Kok-tobe

45) Botanic Garden in winter, Zone: Siberia and Far East.


47) Platinum Medeo

48) Big Almaty Lake

49) Metro, clean, light, in the cars of 80% of seats are empty as usual))

50) Chymbulak - highest ski resort town.

My photo))) 2007. Nikon d90 Monday 18.30, remember that day like yesterday) Nostalgia)))

51) Great view, photographer and location unknown.

52) Samal winter

53) Mount Kok-Tobe, winter

54) Nurly tau, a residential complex symbolizes titanic mountains around

55) View from the top

56) Great view from the field of love, well, you already understand why she is called !?

57) Type with Medea

58) Gorky Park

59) Park them. 28 Panfilov Guardsmen. Heroically defended Moscow.

The inscription reads: The Great Russian and nowhere to retreat behind Moscow !!!

60) Somewhere in the Milky Way, mountains, crystal clear air, the hormones do their thing)) Well, you sobsno again understand what I mean)))

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61) Salute to the old lady in honor of May 9 and again if necessary, we will come together as it was already December 6, 1942 when the division came from Asia, and together broke the back, to unite the armies of Europe.

62) is itself

63) Highland complex Chymbulak night skiing, the Milky Way.

64) is itself

65) Tabagan, 25km from the city.

66) Do not indentifitsirovannoe Gorge, Almaty

67) The peak Talgar Ski komleks Chymbulak that is 20min drive away in the mountains of Almaty.

68) Chymbulak slope professor))

69) Chymbulak, 3 the highest point of the cableway

70) OH and again after the grader.

71) Saturday at Chime she is)), Tusa darkness the people, not really ride))

72) Chim summer,

73) French house

74) Medeo, not reaching Chimbulak most high skating rink in the world !!!

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