Trekking in Everest region

I live in Almaty, Kazakhstan, walked about here in the mountains nekategoriynye amateur routes, though now almost entirely oblenivilsya and not go, but there still appears to poher poherovnitsah.
Childhood dream was to go to the Himalayas, look at Sagarmatha. Wife too keen on the mountains, even more than me, so that the family council passed unanimously approved the idea :) As a result - in the past year did realize this idea.

Say at once for prices.
Almaty is the most direct and easy way to Nepal - across India. After analyzing the possible routes, bought tickets to our national airline EyrSatanaAstana October at the cheapest rate tickets to Delhi. ~ 48000 tenge then it was about 300 $.
From Delhi to Kathmandu airline SpiceJet has around 300 $.
Visa on arrival - $ 40 for 30 days.
Logie en route somewhere $ 2 for the night, plus meals - $ 5-15 at a time for two. The route is only for breakfast and dinner, as dinner is not particularly desirable.
In Kathmandu decided not to spend too much time, as would the mountains, so arriving in the evening, in the morning already flew to Lukla - a starting point tracks in the region.
Facilities for domestic flights to Kathmandu airport

One of the most important parts in the tracks at the height of 4000+ - should acclimate.
Acclimatization is if in the simplest form - rises to a height of 4000 and immediately goes down on 3000, spend the night and morning back.
After 4 - the same - the ascent and descent. After one or two such liftings you already acclimatized. Since Almaty itself is at an altitude of about 1000m. asl - that gives us the acclimatization easier. though we near Almaty mountains and not too high for the Nepalese standards. I'm often on a Friday after work climb and spend the night there Alpengrad - about 3400, and the next day I go to some unpretentious vershinku 4000+. Such outlets helped us sakklimatizirovatsya and we almost did not waste time.
Before you fly to Lukla small plane local airlines. Lukla airport - it is the attraction, google, anyone interested.
Our pepelats:

Initially the route was such:
1 day.
Fly to Lukla, trek to Monjo
Here, if not manage anything formalized in Kathmandu dooformlyaem TIMS and pay an entrance fee
Day 2
Monjo-Namche Bazaar
3 day
Namche Bazaar - Shyangboche
Day 4
5 day
Dhole - Gokyo
Day 6
Gokyo - Gokyo Peak - Dragnag
7 day
Dragnag - Chola pass - Dzonglha
Day 8
Dzonglha - Lobuche
Day 9
Lobuche - Kala Patar - EBC (on state of health) - Lobuche
10 day
11 day
Pangboche - Namche Bazaar
12 day
Namche - Lukla, possibly on the same day of departure, if possible by telephone to confirm the flight in and out of Namche early, and also, if the weather permits.

In fact, on the third day of Namche we went through Phrotse (~ 4300) and descended into phortse tenga (~ 3800), thus obtaining additional acclimatization and passed away at her without loss of time.
Then we rushed immediately to Machermo and thence to Gokio, immediately climbed the peak, and the next day went pass Chola.

On the way out of the plane to Lukla seen such beauty:

Lukla airport looks like this:

Lukla airport looks like this:

We arrived too late to Lukla, somewhere around one o'clock, so immediately start his in Monjo, to keep up with the schedule. From Lukla the trail goes down substantially, so that from about 2800 to go down to 2500-2300. Thus obtained additional acclimatization :)
The trail is still in the forest zone, bright paints. Along the way there are such kinds:

Gains in Monjo when it was getting dark, quickly found the lodge, eat and sleep. Get up early tomorrow to climb Namche - 3440 is itself a very steep ascent.
In the morning, after breakfast go quickly to the route, after Monjo worth checkpoint faster checkout TIMS - individual tracker card and pay the entrance to the National Park Sagarmatha, then begins the ascent to Namche Bazaar - the capital of the region of Sherpas.
Before lifting the cross river on suspension bridges:

Suspension Bridge:

Another suspension bridges

On the way to Namche climb on the slopes are such villages, people grow everything possible for themselves and to feed the crowds that there shastayut :)

After the lifting of heavy and tedious, hours after the 2-3-4 approach to Namche.
Capital sherplyandii bottom view

Capital sherplyandii top view

As you can see, the town is in a half-shell, with a fairly sharp cutoff down to the gorge.
So the evening fog rises from below
It looks almost like in the movie The Mist :)

Facilities Buddhist cult in Namche.
I'm not very interested in these things, I'm more interested in the mountains, so do not go into details as to what.

Peak Kongde Rea, it opened a great view of Namche, as well we had a view from the window of the lodge at him

In the morning, start from Namche to the side of the valley on a trail photo Gokio
Behind us Ama Dablam peak, very beautiful and very beautiful name

Stupa with flags along the way, on the background of Ama Dablam


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