Trekking in the Alps

We invite you to look at how equipped tourist trails in the Alps. Unfortunately, the places where no man has gone before is becoming less and soon, at every step will be marked. What do you think, too "civilized" harms such places? The author writes: Here they present Russian trekkers on the tourist trail with steps, handrails and footrests

I'll start a story with no point B and from point A, which we had to come down. From Chamonix.
To say that Chamonix is ​​a place entirely created for active tourism - to say nothing. About the town I'll tell apart, and now a few words about how the tourism sector is organized.
People just do not have in Chamonix - novice climbers and experienced, hikers and mountain biker, snowboarders and skiers, paragliders and mnogoktoesche ...
And if you come here, do not break before this mass forums, websites and directories - do not worry.
Right in the center of Chamonix is ​​a large information center, where multilingual experts will provide you with all the necessary information on all matters rest. Here you can buy a variety of cards - from the simplest to the most accurate and detailed, learn the situation in this or that point in the district, the presence or absence of snow, weather and availability in the alpine shelters, the current situation with the weather and conditions in the mountains, to see it -line picture from the web cameras, etc.

There is even a separate office for Russian tourists.

In addition to general information center, there are several kiosks, which are located near the main elevators, railway stations and terminal stations of the mountain railway and tram Blanc.
It is this all French forces tried to dissuade us from trekking and spending the night in a shelter because weather situation these days in the mountains was unstable. After almost a half-hour conversation with her, it was decided to just go up to the alpine railway to Montenvers and go down the trail in Chamonix.

Well, suitcase-station-Montenvers. We go on trekking in the red train car the last flight. Time 16.00.

The last train takes the passengers in Chamonix and five dudes with hiking backpacks come out on the trail ... Types from the outset simply unrealistic

Russian boys and Russian birches in the Alps

All tourist routes in the Alps well-marked. At the fork, or any place with a multiple-choice stand in the way pillars with clear signs. They are, in addition to indicate the direction and routing code, piktorammoy indicate the type of trails - walking, biking, mountain biking, etc.

Trail itself - is another story. Not only is it very well trodden and there is even a fear that does not go there, so still and wherever possible, removing unnecessary cobblestones, and where they are not enough - and rammed added. In difficult places you can safely count on ... handrails and railings!

But the biggest break my brain were not the steps of boulders and metal railings and steps ... driven into the rocks. Well, at least not the doorman takes his hand on the trigger)

Tripping and timbered stair close-up.

Around the middle of the trail Montenvers-Chamonix is ​​even a cute Alpine Cafe

All the way we laughed at their vain attempts trekking. And then we were overtaken by real local trekkers. In shales and without backpacks. And cheerfully ran down ... Picture "Feel like a pensioner»)

At the end of the post - MULTI photos with opening the trail Chamonix-Montenvers views

Lonely tree in the Alps ...

Waterfalls and Mordor

Alpine forest



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