The most amazing road

We have compiled a selection of the most amazing and beautiful road along the ocean coast or dangerous winding in the Swiss Alps. They certainly convince you that way, and the truth is more important than the destination point.

1. Road to Valley of Fire in Nevada lies among the amazing formations of red sandstone, which in the rays of the setting sun light up like a flame.

2. The Atlantic Road in Norway passes through seven bridges and gives travelers an amazing view of the ocean. If you are lucky enough to be there on a calm day, you can even see whales and seals.

3. Rohtang Pass in India will allow you to enjoy unforgettable views of glaciers, mountain peaks and rivers. However, be careful - it is also famous for its massive landslides.

4. Interstate №70 in Utah the most beautiful in the winter, when it winds through snow-covered Spotted Wolf Canyon.

5. Karakoram Highway was built in the 1960s - 1970s and now connects Pakistan and China.

6. Road Milford, New Zealand extends 231 km through the National Park Fordlend located in the heart of the Southern Alps. It also passes through Milford Sound, one of the places where they filmed the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings».

7. Park Blue Ridge road passes through the states of North Carolina and Virginia, and is famous for its unique view of the rugged mountains and the Appalachian Plateau.

8. Road Chepmanz peak in South Africa is about 8 kilometers in length, with 114 bends. From there, stunning views directly to the mountains and the sea.

9. Along the magnificent Great Ocean Road in Australia your look appear the famous limestone cliffs, called the Twelve Apostles, as well as sites for whale watching, rainforests and beautiful national parks.

10. Col de l'Izeran is the highest paved road in the Alps. This picturesque track is only open during the summer season, and several times was used in the Tour de France route.

11. North Yungas Road in Bolivia is very beautiful, but is notorious for the most dangerous in the world, thanks to its one lane, sharp turns and steep cliffs.

12. Hana Highway Hawaii runs along the coastline of the island of Maui, has 620 sharp turns and crosses 59 bridges. You can observe various kinds, including waterfalls, tropical forests and, of course, the ocean.

13. Highway Route 40 extends about 4,800 kilometers from the northern border of Argentina until its southern tip. This road crosses 18 rivers and passes through more than 20 national parks, which makes it incredibly beautiful.

14. The name of the mountain road Trollstigen in Norway means "Trollstigen", which very well characterizes this narrow and steep serpentine. If you manage to get to the top, you will become a kind of reward Stigfossen waterfall height of 320 meters, rushes down from the mountain tops.

15. Road Jebel Hafeet in Abu Dhabi is on the same mountain, the second highest with the United Arab Emirates. The road as it winds around the rocky hill of limestone, reaching to the very top. There is to go at the end of the day to admire the superb sunset from the peak.

16. Overseas Highway in Florida connects the mainland with the state of the Florida Keys and consists of 42 bridges with a total length of 182 kilometers. When you go on it, it seems that glides over the ocean. At dawn and dusk it is possible to catch great views, when the sun dancing on the water surface.

17. Road A82 in Glencoe, Scotland, takes you through spectacular scenic landscapes and spectacular species such as bridge Rannoch Moor.

18. Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia - one of the most scenic roads in Canada. It passes through a large part of the island of Cape Breton and presents breathtaking views of the eyes of the forest and the ocean. Look carefully at the water, and you'll notice the passing herds of whales.

20. Highway 163 extends from the border of Arizona to Monument Valley, Utah. During the trip length of 72 kilometers, you can enjoy stunning views of the red rocks and desert.

20. Oberalp Pass in Switzerland - a mountain road in the Alps, situated at an altitude of more than two thousand meters above sea level. It is open only in summer, but in winter you can take a trip over the pass on the train.



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