Top 20 life-affirming film, after which you want to live

The Bucket List
Could be better, but there could be a lot worse.
Gorgeous movie with a great cast - Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman just "sang" together and thus only increased viewing experience. In this film there is no dialogue or an empty frame, all minutes are filled correctly and with feeling. And talk about the eternal heroes under the old age do not bother, but rather pushing the idea that we have to live not tomorrow or next week, but now.

Peaceful Warrior
In the world there is always something going on, there are no ordinary moments.
The film is about a guy, the promising in gymnastics, based on a story of a real person, but it is more like a parable. Philosophical, but not preachy dialogues, beautiful visuals once and kill us in the inner whiner and make time to appreciate the "here and now".

Knockin 'on Heaven
Understand the heavens and only say that about the sea.
The story of two terminally ill comrades who indulges in all serious, if only to read the description of the film may seem not life-affirming. But the shot, played and served all so great that after watching the start to appreciate every moment of life. And still want to view.

Rory O'Shea Was Here
Look, this is life. Come take a walk?
The heroes of this movie - people in wheelchairs. But optimism among them more than most healthy people. Bound cerebral palsy, the guys do not lose heart and try to live in this world full: rejoice, do silly things, protect the weak, dancing and joking.

Forrest Gump
Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you will fall stuffing.
This film directed by Robert Zemeckis - a worldwide phenomenon in 1994, which even now, 20 years later, I want to revise again and again. Even when you know by heart, that will tell the characters, with each photo are discovering something new. Apparently, this is the real movie - simple, clear and brilliant.

The Untouchables (1 + 1)
No matter who you are outside the main thing - who are you inside.
Director and actor of the film managed to create a life-affirming, witty, funny and charming picture. And do not overdo it with the proportions - a mixture of drama and comedy in the history of two dissimilar friends got almost perfect.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Stop dreaming. Begin to live.
This painting is about the adventures of a loser if the office screaming on the screen, "Do not be like it!", "Do not be afraid!", "Change the world!". Teenage enthusiasm demonstrated to us the 48-year-old Hollywood veteran comedian Ben Stiller, which, in theory, should have been away from it all for a long time to get tired. But there's a mug.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Can be erased from the memory of love. Throw away from the heart - that is another story.
Directed by Michel Gondry magician in his picture very clearly and in a manner unique to him showed that in life you can not just like the keyboard, press the «delete». In this he was helped by a terrific cast, and especially Jim Carrey.

Little Miss Sunshine
In the world there are two groups of people: the winners and losers. And the difference is that the winners do not give up.
Perhaps the best movie that is not important result, but the process itself is important. Because if you like the heroine of the film, suddenly conceived to be a "Little Miss Sunshine" and everything bitty family consisting of a father, a loser, impulsive mother, uncle, gay brother, who gave a vow of silence, and grandfather-addict is going to help you , you just have to enjoy the process.

Pay It
Can one idea to change the world?
Boy Trevor came up with his own theory of changing the world, the essence of which is simple to outrageous, I will help you, and you will help the other three. It is not hard to guess that theory with a crash on the rocks razobёtsya cruelty of the world, and we almost lost faith in humanity ... But if stars are lit, it means someone needs.

Breakfast at Tiffany
You never know exactly where it will happen, but when happens - will not go wrong.
Quintessence of female charm and magnetism Audrey Hepburn - the main advantage of this picture, taken back in the 61 th year, but still looking breathlessly. Dialogues, breathtaking views of New York, a small apartment, nameless cat bummer and, of course, «Moon River» create mood when you want to live and love.

Into the Wild
Love, money, faith, glory and justice prefer the truth.
Landscapes of incredible beauty, unbridled freedom and absolute detachment. The film, which makes it possible, at least for a while, to get away from the problems of empty and unnecessary rules of society, feel at one with nature and just drop everything. All this thanks to the steep director Sean Penn's work and stunning game actors.

August Rush I hear music in the wind, in the air, in the rays of light - it is everywhere. All you need - just open. All that is needed - simply listen.
This is very beautiful, idealized story with elements of the fairy tale looks at one go. To really liked it and sunk into the soul, you need to disable the internal critic, a close eye on some unrealistic plot and learn to listen. Because the main role in this film plays music.

Always say "Yes»
When you say something, "Yes", you grasp at the opportunity.
The average manager in the performance of the actor Jim Carrey is in a state of deep depression. And to somehow cope with it, he decides to always say "yes" and to accept any offers. So in an instant, his life turns into a crazy adventure, which would be useful for each of us.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
You never know what awaits you.
This film is very similar to a book, on a detailed science novel. The result of this painstaking work on the face - in addition to the amazing game of actors, the picture hits the atmosphere, striking naturalism is happening, although recounts the events of fantastic. She may like may not like it, but after watching Benjamin Button is difficult to remain the same.

King says!
- Long pause, added weight of speech. - Then I'm the most powerful king.
The film won four awards "Oscar", not just teaches public speaking - because the voice is only the outward manifestation of a person. The story of King George VI that you need to believe in yourself and that everyone deserves to be heard.

Large fish
The biggest fish in the river becomes the one that does not bite the bait
Director Tim Burton directed the film, a story, a fantasy film, but not for us to see, pricked and forgotten. History sumptuous creations Edward Blum - a hint of what each sees its reality in its own way. Someone looking at the night sky, just see the sky, and someone sees bottomless vast world of stars and universes. And most likely, this second - large fish.

Sometimes better to ignore the rules and engage in human beings.
Director Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Hanks managed to create a film that is not so easy to pick a genre. Somewhere comedy, melodrama somewhere, somewhere parable. The film is about the ability to follow his dream. A film about the worthlessness of the bureaucratic machine. And a movie about friendship, which has a place even in the flood people hurrying airport terminal.

Red Dog
Sometimes you pick a dog, and sometimes the dog chooses you.
Little in modern cinema truly good and great films such as "Red Dog". This story really exist dog that lived in the Australian town of Dampier, at the entrance of which it is a monument. Tireless dog many settlers helped make friends, happiness, hope and joy. About this movie.

My boyfriend is crazy
Signs everywhere, the main thing - to be able to see them.
"Collection ray of hope" - the name of this film in the original, and perhaps it best describes the experience of viewing it. But it is very interesting, memorable, touching story about the people who are going through difficult periods of his life, not even giving hope and confidence - everything can be changed.



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