How to stop complaining about the life and to be happy

Take a break for 20 minutes to clear your head

In order to make the best decision, the brain needs a break. Just take a break before an important goal. Later you will notice how easy and you was given a more balanced decision.


Stop complaining about what you do all the time is not enough time. Understand have finally, that in the day of 24 hours, which can not catch it! 24 hours in which to eat, sleep, work and sit in social networks, watch movies, exercise and complain ... Make a plan, from which to select all of the most important things that must be done and eliminate all the useless activities

'Junk button. Attention is useless »

Because of misplaced priorities, you do not have time, frustrated and complaining

You yourself consciously spend a lot of time on useless activities, and then sit back and complain. After all, if you have not completed the work and decided to escape, to remind you that the work still have to perform. Appreciate the time!

"Does anyone know how to learn?»

You are what you eat

If you eat all sorts of rubbish, do not complain about what you yourself feel awful. However, in order to fill your stomach sausage, cheese, fast food and other oily trash can cost upgrade to a more healthy diet?

"I feel bad ....»

Sport, just do it

If you think that all people who sweat in the gym crazy, you're wrong. Thus opened a nature that the normal state of health, we need to be physically active. Especially sitting on a chair, except extra kilos do you accomplish nothing. Nobody talks about the grueling workouts, there is a lot of fun sports activities to lift your mood along with your physical training.

Maybe you've had enough?

There is nothing wrong to drink in moderation in a good company, this is a great way to relax and unwind. But in this case there is always a moment when you drink too much and starts to behave stupidly. Especially since the next day, or even two will pass you, because you will move away from the partying. It is not necessary to do so, it is better go home and rest.

You sleep too long

It sounds like nonsense, but nevertheless it is true. Perhaps you've noticed that waking up on the weekends, when you can sleep a little longer, you feel disgusting. This is the result of what your body clock go astray and it may be the cause of your fatigue.

Choose your friends well

It is not necessary to be friends with people who have just taken out of your life. Try to find those people who are in it will be able to add anything. Thus, if you are dealing with slobs, it is not necessary in the future to wonder why you became so

You hate your job

Let me ask you, what are you going to deal with the rest of his life? If you are unhappy with their work, throw it! Makes its way to the industry, which is closer to you. Why waste time on something that you do not like?

"Here I have no future»

To follow your dream, you are waiting for the right moment

What do you do? Never the time is right, if you do not choose. To earn the right to happiness, you just have to raise your ass off the chair and begin to move toward the fulfillment of your dreams. Good luck with that, by the way.

Normal relations

Do you think that your relationship is normal? Each blames the failed relationship her boyfriend or his girlfriend. Ever wonder about what is likely the problem is you? Maybe we should try to change?

You're doing great, move on

You are good enough to achieve anything in life, anything. Remember this and believe in it! There will always be things that you do not like, just select them and try to work on them. And those things that you can not change - just accept them and move on

Do not tell lies themselves

The more you lie to yourself about different things, the harder it will be to face the truth, and the harder you will be when you can not lie to yourself more. It only separates you from the goal!

"More than I hate lies only one thing - skimmed milk»



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