Online Everest

In the interests of Internet users has conquered Everest private communications company Ncell. It has established the world's first equipment for the wireless Internet on the world's highest mountain peak in the Himalayas. "On the slopes of Everest climbers in base camp (5300 meters above sea level) installed equipment for high-speed wireless Internet format - said on Friday in Kathmandu head Ncell Pasi Koistinen. - At this altitude, the connection will be carried out more quickly, it will become more accessible for the population of Nepal, and for climbers - conquerors of Everest. Today, with this peak was obtained first video ยป.

According Koistinen, equipment his company will allow climbers to freely use World Wide Web during their ascent to the main peak of the world, from Everest to send video clips and communicate with their friends through the internet at much cheaper rates than the satellite phone. Currently, telecommunications only affects one-third of the territory of Nepal. The company Ncell, together with Nepalese investors, in 2011, plans to spend $ 100 million to expand the network of telecommunication services in all regions of the country.



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