Give my wife to sleep, and you'll save marriage

Scientists have found that marriages in which the wife sleep poorly, are much more likely to fall apart. Women recognized that the next day experiencing bouts of depression and irritability that break on the wife. Surprisingly, men sleep on the quality of marriage has no effect. "We found that women with sleep problems affect family relationships. Women who could not sleep the night before, was told that the next day to feel depressed, and family discord advancing. This is the behavior of men and women notice "- says Dr. Wendy Troxel, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh. The study involved 32 couples aged 32 years who had psychiatric or medical disorders and sleep problems. The researchers followed them for ten days, recording how much they need the time to go to sleep and how much sleep lasts. The researchers also studied how positive emotions affect the quality of sleep and interfere with sleep if a quarrel with her husband yesterday. It turned out that on the eve of holidays more influence on family relationships than emotions during the day a dream coming night. The researchers can not yet explain this relationship. Dr. Troxel, also noted that in the presence of a husband or partner women sleep better. In addition, his wife, happily married, have less problems with sleep. It is worth noting that, according to the study, the results of which have been published previously, women sleeping prevent men who usually snore loudly. According to a study conducted by British experts, during 50 years of marriage, my husband snoring deprives his beloved, a total of four years of sleep. According to statistics, the terrible uncontrolled emit sounds in a dream more than 980 million men. Meanwhile, snoring can be a serious threat to health: it is a cause of sleep disorders and causes anxiety. And women who do not get enough sleep, have problems with memory, information is stored poorly, they often spoil the mood .:



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