Everest Cemetery

Everest group of climbers pass by nepogrebёnnyh corpses scattered here and there, it is the same mountain climbers, but they were not lucky. Some of them fell and broke bones themselves, someone cold or just relax and still cold. What morality can at an altitude of 8000 meters above sea level? Here it is every man for himself, if only vyzhit.

1. If so want to prove to yourself that you are mortal, then it should try to visit the Evereste.

2. Most likely, all of these people who were left lying there, thinking that this is not about them. And now they are a reminder that not everything is in the hands of cheloveka.

3. Statistics defectors where no one is, in fact climb basically savages and small groups of three to five people. And the price of such a climb is from 25t to 60t $ $. Sometimes they pay extra life if saved on the little things. Thus, there remains the eternal guardian of some 150 people, maybe 200. And many who have been there say they feel look black climber, resisting in the back, because right on the northern route is open eight bodies lying. Among them, two Russian. From the south, it is about ten. But stray from the path paved climbers are already afraid, can not get out, and no one to save them not polezet.

4. Creepy tales walk among climbers who have been at the top, because it does not forgive mistakes and human indifference. In 1996, a group of climbers from the Japanese University of Fukuoka rose Everest. Very close to their route were three climbers in distress from India - exhausted, icy people asked for help, they experienced high-altitude storm. The Japanese have passed. When the Japanese team down, then there was no one to save already Hindus zamerzli.

5. It is alleged corpse of the first climber to conquer Everest, who died on the descent. It is believed that Mallory the first to reach the summit and died already on the way down. In 1924, Mallory and his partner Irving began to climb. The last time they were seen with binoculars in the clouds break only 150 meters from the top. Then a cloud came together and climbers disappeared. Back they returned only in 1999, at an altitude of 8290 m, the next explorers stumbled upon the top of a lot of bodies killed in the past 5-10 years. Among them are found Mallory. He was lying on his stomach, as if trying to hug the mountain, head and hands are frozen into the slope. Partner Irving was never found, although binding on the body of Mallory said that the couple had been together until the end. The rope was cut with a knife and perhaps, Irving could move and leave a comrade died somewhere down the sklonu.

6. Wind and snow do their work, the places on the body that are not covered by clothing, snow wind gnawed to the bone, and the older the body, the less it is still flesh. Evacuate the dead climbers nobody is going to, the helicopter can not rise to such a height, and drag myself to the carcass from 50 to 100 kilograms is not altruists. So lie unburied climbers on sklonah.

7. Well, not quite so all climbers are so selfish, still save and not throw in trouble of its own. Only the many who have died - are guilty. For established a personal record of oxygen-free climbing, American Francis Arsenteva had lain exhausted on the way down for two days on the southern slope of Mount Everest. Past non-viable, but women were still alive climbers from different countries. One offered her oxygen (from which she at first refused, not wanting to spoil his record), while others poured a few sips of hot tea, there was even a couple that was trying to get people to sneak her into the camp, but they are soon gone, as They were at risk of their own lives. Male American, Russian climber Sergei Arsent'ev, which they lost on the descent, did not wait for her in the camp and went to find her, with whom also died.

Source: bigpicture.ru/?p=388596


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