Old Jewish cemetery – one of the main attractions of Prague

This place is the most visited by tourists. Old Jewish cemetery – one of the main attractions of Prague. It is located in the Jewish quarter of Josefov. Throughout Europe you will find older cemeteries. His age – five centuries. This in itself is of interest to tourists.

This famous cemetery was buried from 1439 in 1787. It should be noted that the area of the cemetery is relatively small and it is buried more than 100 000 dead. And tombstones – about 12 thousand. Early graves cemetery workers simply covered with earth, and in their place was installed a new tombstone. Thus, for the time was formed 12 burial tiers. It is noteworthy that at the expiry time the ground sags, and the older gravestones move new. Frankly, the view will not seem attractive.

Another reason why this cemetery attracts tourists is the fact that here lie the remains of two famous Jews: Mordecai Meisel, incredibly rich in personality, as well as Yehuda Lev, a scholar and a Kabbalist. Mordecai had such a state that even kings took his money. The Jewish quarter was built at his expense. Yehuda made a huge contribution to science. Despite the fact that he died about four hundred years ago, Jews from around the world flock to his grave to pay tribute to the late, and still leave a rock and make a wish.

Because the cemetery is very old, many names were simply erased. But the tombstone may, who is buried in a particular grave. Jewish tradition demanded that the relief on the tombstone the grave was decorated with a symbol, in which it was possible to solve a specific meaning. As a rule, he meant the name or occupation. For example, hands in the blessing meant that the tomb belongs to high priest, and scissors tailor.

This tour will not suit everyone's taste. Not everyone will be willing to explore the spooky tombstones. But if all the same want to feel light touch to history, you from afar to see the oldest cemetery in Europe.

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