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The largest cemetery in the world - Wadi-us-Salaam in Iraq, where lie the more than 5 million people
Paris catacombs were built on the site of the abandoned mines in 1788 for burial because the town cemetery was not enough room
In English, the word means a graveyard space for burials in the area adjacent to the church and cemetery - a separate cemetery
At Fairview Cemetery in Halifax, the largest number of victims buried wreck of the Titanic - 121 out of a thousand
Jim Morrison, Isadora Duncan, Sarah Bernard, Moliere and Marcel Marceau buried in the famous Parisian cemetery Pere Lachaise
Heart composer Frederic Chopin walled column Polish Church of the Holy Cross, and the rest - the cemetery in Paris
The time required for the cremation of the body - a half hour
The largest cemetery in Europe - Zentralfriendhof in Austria. It opened in 1874 and now in its territory buried more than 3 million people
The oldest pet cemetery in Paris. It was opened in 1899 after a law was passed prohibiting citizens to throw dead dogs on the street and in the river
People began to organize the tomb above ground in New Orleans in the 18th century, because of the frequent floods coffins often driven out of water


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