Why pay? Coming end of the world!

Funny marasmus interlacing with the realities of life happened to one of the residents of the Kemerovo region. Summer resident nice edge to the participants in the accident, and not just a party, and the guilty party, as it and notified the receipt for a thousand rubles (Incidentally, I wonder what kind of a penalty for the perpetrator of the incident, it is interesting to me to know. In Ukraine, the minimum will about 1200-1250 on the course. In Russia, the fines will be more abruptly. Well, okay). So this unique give a fitting rebuff to the state machine in a blatant attempt to knock his loot. He provided a detailed explanation in note 10 (!) Pages with graphs, charts mutual position of the Sun and planets and comments. And from all of this treatise clearly implied that end of the world still take place. And in this case, it seems inappropriate to pay. Here we go. And in general - all men are brothers, and in the face of universal catastrophe need to think about the eternal and forgive each other everything.
But bailiffs - people callous, heartless and utterly incredulous. And as a purely pragmatic and materialistic, they said in response that if the fine is not paid, the little man to sit 15 days in jail. For in their instructions and circulars of universal love and the end of the world is not written a single line, but clearly marked as a man who refused to pay, will be working for the benefit of society.
In general, do not get a conversation about eternity.


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