Age is not an obstacle

14-year-old Bobby Fischer in 1958 became the youngest grandmaster
The youngest students enrolled in the Conservatory of Music in Baltimore - a five-year Tori Amos (then called her Ellie World Amos)
Sidney Greenstreet was 62 years old when he made his debut in one of the main roles of the film "The Maltese Falcon" (1941)
At the age of four years of Wolfgang Mozart could memorize a piece of music for half an hour
Comedian John Cleese at the age of 12 years has been an increase of more than 180 centimeters
Jazz singer Mel Torm made his first appearance with the Coon Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra, when he was four years
British actress Julie Andrews reached voice range of four octaves, when she was 8 years old. You and I have a range of up to a maximum of 3 octaves
Prodigy William Sidis entered Harvard University at age 11 in 1909.
Roberd Radford turned down the role in the film Ā«The GraduateĀ» due to the fact that he felt "not enough young." Instead, he played the role of Dustin Hoffman, who was the same age - 30
The famous golfer Katharina Hepborn started playing golf at five years
Sergei Prokofiev wrote his first opera at age nine


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