The first mass transistor radio - Regency TR-1, released in 1954, which cost 49.95 dollars. Now you can buy for $ 395
The first phone call from the Earth to the Moon makes Richard Nixon July 21, 1969. He called the crew of "Apollo 11»
Steve Jobs announced the first iPod in 2001. This device is worth $ 400. Since that time, has sold more than 173 million players, and the cost of low-end model - iPod Shuffle dropped to $ 79
June 4, 1927 the millionaire Charles Levin became the first passenger who committed a transatlantic flight from the United States
The first music album, released in CD format - «52nd Street» Billy Joel
The firm "Johnson & Johnson" was first released decorative plaster in 1951
The first game set-top box has been launched in the market in 1972
The first interactive video game - simulator rocket launcher, released in 1947
Inventor Martin Cooper, who worked in the corporation Motorola, made the call in the first cell phone 3 April 1973. Called it, by the way, its competitors in the company AT & T. According to Martin, the idea of ​​such a phone prompted his film Star Trek.


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