GAZ-24 Bagira. With their hands

"The car - fire! No, well, you see? "- With these words the people Byisk escort ... no, Lamborghini, and exclusive black" Volga ", local residents gathered Igor Kuznetsov.

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The idea of ​​making the "Volga" decent car came to Igor still in college. But then it was not suitable skills, as well as funds.

Later, when all was ready for to fulfill the dream, there was a small problem: she needed a "Volga". Find a car for a long time it was not possible: the majority of cars that were on sale were either rotten, either technically whack. Igor even despair, decided to go for the vending machine in Omsk for 1000 km, but suddenly found the car in the Biysk. GAZ-24, the 1985 owner kept exclusively in the garage and pampered travel infrequently, so the technical condition was strong on four.

And then came the turn of the modernization of the machine. According to Igor, "Volga" structurally similar to many Japanese cars 80s. So many elements borrowed from the Asian automotive industry, with little effort can be adapted to the GAS-24.

The first thing Igor conceived to solve the problem of cooling the engine, which has been completely redesigned hood. Igor put on him a special cover for better ventilation, which has done more holes.

Since it acquired the car an aggressive, rapid appearance, and most importantly - significantly improved ventilation. Of course, it took a completely redo mechanism closing the bonnet - new locks invented and made by myself, Igor.

The front bumper was removed and gave way to the so-called lip. Find a suitable market is not possible, therefore, Igor decided to make her own, used as the basis of a spoiler ... VAZ-2109.

Suspension of the car also needs modernization. Were installed on the front springs Chevrolet Niva, however, had to cut polvitka them to is flat, and - new shock absorbers Koni Special Sport with adjustable stiffness. Improving the braking system, Igor chose the disk Td Sport and sports pads TRW GDB 851.



For better stability was borrowed from the front stabilizer SUV UAZ Patriot, which gave the desired suspension stiffness and significantly reduced body roll when cornering.

Inside, the "Volga" sport seats were installed on the Toyota Celica and Mitsubishi GTO.

But the most difficult procedure was the installation of a new engine. Under the hood once sluggishness GAZ-24 settled 2, 5-liter engine from Toyota Chaser, which Igor established with native automatic transmission. Now under the hood "Volga" all 280 liters. c. The magnitude of the maximum speed until the designer does not know himself, now runs the motor debugging, and running tests appear only in the nearest future, as well as increasing the capacity to 380 liters. c.


On the creation of the GAZ-24 BAGIRA GT24 Igor has spent the past two years, and the project is not yet complete. Machine Igor - his second "I", an outlet from everyday life. According to him, thinking how to make the car even better, swirling in my head constantly, so, in the garage for a long time will not go out in the evening light.




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