10 reasons why we steal gas

Many Russian wonder why it is we, Ukrainians, steal gas? Like, Russian gas also. They do not understand the point. Theft is possible only in the material, mundane world. Gas - it is light, we do not steal, we just redistribute it. You can call it piracy, if you want. Here are a few arguments for thought. 1. Some say that stealing gas, we deprive Russian and European legal property which belong to them. Nonsense. Gas Lord God formed, and Russian gas to him for not paying a dime. So we just pick up the loot. 2. The gas is very expensive. For $ 400, which is worth a thousand cubic meters of gas, it is possible to buy a decent graphics card. Here it is - the material necessities. A gas its not worth the money. Especially when you can download for free. 3. Strip much. From the fact that we took a little gas actually have not diminished, especially because it still comes back to the atmosphere after its use. Theft of gas - a natural way to limit monopoly and more equitably redistribute the gas. 4. Sharing is caring. Instead of selling gas, Russia should share it for free. It's so beautiful when all share with each other! Here in Ukraine, for example made some free assemblies Linux - take away, Russian, we do not mind. Linux is also useful to gas! 5. Production of gas is not worth a dime. Russian just poke the pipe in the ground and pump the gas out. Why should we pay for something that gets them cheap? Let reduce the price of gas to two or three dollars - then maybe we will buy. But be sure to the poster and not included in the Jewel! 6. All gas industry impedes progress. Imagine that the gas could all get free well or at minimum cost covering the cost Tranport. What an incredible economic growth that would give! How much would have jumped in the development of lagging state who can not afford to buy gas for all citizens! And all this at the cost of one mega-corporations, which sells, in fact, the air. 7. The gas generated from the anaerobic decomposition of organic products, simply put the dead plants and animals. Somehow, I am sure that Gazprom does not pay any fees or those plants and animals, or their heirs. That is the true rights holders affected by the gas industry for its sale is not less than ordinary consumers. 8. Buy gas alien Slavic nature. In the West, they have not yet realized this, the wide Ukrainian soul simply can not understand the shallow commercialism sellers of gas. During Soviet times, we did not pay for gas, our grandfathers and great-grandparents grew up with this knowledge. 9. The argument of Gazprom lost profits even ridiculous. How do they get the idea that we would buy all of the gas that was stolen? Yes, and at such an incredible price? 10. And indeed, with what you have, it's Russian gas? He was removed from the earth, which we share, and when he came to the territory of Ukraine, he automatically became Ukrainian. You will not require from the Ukraine to pay for Russian rain from the clouds?
via Sergey Galyonkin


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