The first 3 years of my conscious sexual life (20 years) was marked by mass disorders about of breakups.

Ninety nine million eight hundred fifty one thousand three hundred sixty two

In General, I constantly threw...

These are the realities. Now I realize that was probably too good, predictable, friendly, modest. But the fact remains. I was constantly throwing girls.
Cast by telephone, SMS, and a Cup of tea. I've been dumped after sex, during a romantic stroll through Victory Park (St. Petersburg).
And everytime I very painfully went through all that. I often fell in love, and during a break were made to feel very heavy. Then in 20s I have very little out of control. I was absorbed in the girl, as I wanted to love without limitation, to the fullest. And I loved, and then received. On all cylinders...

It was the case that I was crying about another breakup. Happened. I will not hide.
At the same time, I am grateful to myself that didn't go to alcohol or drugs.


I went in for promiscuous sex.
And thank God for that) Now feel free to write training in sex purely for the experience))

But that's another story.
After another parting, everything changed
I went to Moscow with one of its then sports darling. We trained together Thai Boxing.

In Moscow, my sports buddy introduced me to his former sparring partner Sergei. Sergei Shark was his nickname. He's Akulov, whether'chev, I do not remember. Therefore, it's a nickname.

We lived with earrings in the apartment. He was hiding what he does, but he's had a lot already. This is a confident guy, with an incredible charisma and courage.

When I asked where he got this makings of the answer was one – the father. Folder Serezha was associated with special services, and raised his son exclusively competent.

And so, morning.

We sit in the kitchen. Serge frying an egg. April 1. Let me remind you that Sergei was already a gorgeous young woman – model, with whom he lived for more than six months.

Means kitchen. Eggs.A phone call.

Sergei picks up the phone.

— Hello, Sergey, hi I'm Anna (his girlfriend), how the heck are you?
— Ani, it's OK, friends came with Peter, let's go for a walk, how are you?
— Listen, Serge, I'm fine, here's the thing, you do it, well, in General, do not swear, I woke up and realized that we weren't right for each other, swear too much, we are too different, so I am leaving you. Here, something like that, sorry...
— Are you going? Clear. I understand. Well, come on then, yet.

He hung up the phone.

Pause for 2 seconds, then Serge said, "Now bitch!". And that's all.

Inhale-exhale, he's back and already clarifies where we're going.

Then again call: "Seryozha! What are you doing! I was joking! April, sweetie! It's just a joke!"

A joke? You do not joke.
"Lord, no, of course not! Sorry, sorry!"

After that, she was a silk a few months, but then they still broke up.

Six months of relationship!

And when he stuck a knife in the back (albeit as a joke) a few seconds, then the phrase "That bitch," inhale exhale – and he was ready to move on.

I will remember this lesson for life.

This is what I need. It is easier to treat the attachment.

In my situation, when I was cast, it became my life-saving stick wand.

Easy come, easy go
This principle I carry and still.
I try not to get stuck on people. No matter what, we must go further. Broke up? Nothing terrible, life goes on.
Easy come, easy go.

And then again will come easily. Easy come, easy go.

Thanks Serge you for this valuable lesson... I will never forget it...

Author: Leo Vozhevatov


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