He taught me German women

You can say a lot about the appearance and cultural context German women, but the fact that they have a lot to learn, is the fact. As, however, and in women of any other nationality. After three years of close contact with the German Frau, I learned these lessons (although, perhaps someone it will not seem correct and this is normal):

1. Not to perceive a man as a way to solve their problems: physical or psychological.

It is not emancipation or the desire to dominate. The fact that they remember that people — not forever. A man can leave, go bankrupt, become incapacitated, die, in the end. If you do not learn how to solve their problems before meeting the man, then it can be even harder.

Besides, the passion quickly goes out and comes home. In everyday life men are often in a bad mood (which is normal). And it will not be to decide in this moment your inner psychological trauma. You are two adults, you need to make life easier for each other, not to fix the problems above.

2. To see themselves as more than mother and wife.

No, they are not violent childfree and do not detract from the value of motherhood or marriage, as it may seem at first glance. Most of them also want love, family comfort and tiny heels. They just do not put it as a goal throughout his life. They are prepared that this may not happen at all.

For a variety of reasons. Infertility of one partner, the fear (for example, after the death of partner or first child) and have not met the person with which could to begin serious relations, etc.

Here in local slang there is no such thing as "empty shell" and "old maid" is no longer used. Here's a woman — the same person as a man. And if the man who was never created for various personal reasons the family didn't have kids is considered "old wolf", it is "the old lion", and not the poor creature.

And if they still happened, and the house hear the laughter of children, the average German puts pigeonholed their previous enthusiasm. Yes, she's a mother and wife, but she likes to ride a bike, to travel, to do tattoos... she has a million of its personal, not related to the children and husband's interests. Because it is so important to feel person in any status.


3. To be easier.

The Germans rarely weave. If they don't like something, for example, in the man, and they say: "I don't like this. What do we do?". If she's too lazy to go to a meeting with a friend, she comes up with excuses, and says: "Hey, I totally am too lazy to go to a meeting, sorry." If she has a lack of energy and depression, she rapes herself, and goes to the doctor and says "Doctor, I die, I'm stressed, let me sick for a week." If it makes her uncomfortable shoes, she never wears shoes, and goes to ballet flats or sneakers. By the way, about the shoes.

4. To be more natural.

Yes, in this question some of them go too far, but in General, the angle of relation to her appearance quite healthy: if it is not going to the theater or to a wedding — so natural make-up (or lack thereof), comfortable pants and flat shoes.

The main thing that was convenient. At first I thought it was antigistaminnam, but later I found a group of German women who have proved — even in this dress you can look attractive. Pants can be comfortable, but elegant, and the role of red lipstick will play interesting earrings and bracelet. Healthy and well-groomed hair is generally, in my opinion, almost the most feminine element of the image.


5. Not to go into someone else's privacy.

Even when I asked. Sitting in front of a glass of Riesling and say invitingly: "what do I do now?". And she says, "Honey, what would you wanted? And do it". I nod ambiguously. "Well, but why he\she did\do it?". The German looks at me and calmly replied: "I don't know why. Maybe you should ask him\her? By the way, have you seen the new movie with George Clooney?".

Needless to say that in almost three years of living in Germany I have never heard in the address of the question from women, "Why are you not married\still\where's your boyfriend?". Even how old I am they ask very rarely and very carefully. Well, they do not like to talk about someone else's privacy. Is it only with very close person.

You is the average of the 5 people with whom you spend most of your time!As you live there, inside

On the one hand this seems to be a lack of cordiality, but over time I realized that it's still more faithful approach. To tell about their inner turmoil enough mom (sister, best friend), and discuss his or someone else's personal life with other people is totally a waste of time. Personal life and a personal one that you, personally, must decide for yourself remedies and causes.published


Author: Tamriko Sjølie


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