People, why are you lying all the time

People, and why many of you are trying to show (prove) that they are perfect? Well, for example, write in the comments (posts) that I can wisely and calmly respond to betrayal\betrayal\rudeness. Or that one flutter of the eyelashes stimulates men to run to the store for rings to perform any feats. Or that every day in the bar in 10 minutes.

Or that eating only healthy food. Or looking for that person to not care what appearance, more importantly, to the soul, and they do not need all these handsome men and milecki. Or that the home design order.

Or that the waist is thinner / smaller nose / longer legs. Or that the nature of the sexual cat. Or read all of Tolstoy\watched all the films Bertolucci\cite Brodsky by heart. Or that the thrust of the glands in the gym\ready to throw the world to the feet of\a monogamous to a fault. Well, what this is it?


©Casey Weldon

I sometimes read texts\comments and it seems that the world has saved all all long known and practiced. And then open the mail and there are dozens, hundreds of people are crying about the fact that I hate my husband, but fear of the future prevents to leave, that they have not had sex in over a year that threw them and they are on an emotional bottom, so like fries that Tolstoy is too complicated that do not care about the soul, or rather, I want to present it only in a beautiful shell that once yelled at a child and is now hurt again, scared to send a resume to the company, and that the house is a complete mess...

The reality of it all is different, and everyone knows it.

We have dignity. And disadvantages too. Once we have the cool reply, overcome fear, find balance in sports and food, to read Dostoevsky. But sometimes it all goes to hell, and we get fat, cry, stupid, nalivaem all in a heap, crying, do not know where the exit is. And that's OK. To be normal is normal.

I sometimes write: "Tamriko, that sometimes read your text, and everything is so clever, so cool. And sometimes you like to post something such, that hair on end on this nonsense, and I think that you're really scared over." So. It's true.

Twice a week I'm sulking, twice she romance lace dress, another day — the merry and light person in a hipster oversize, and only two days a week I am really smart. I'm dumb and smart at the same time.

I eat French fries with mayonnaise, and vegetable stews. I drink and camomile tea, and Jagermeister beer (very shocked). I'm a homebody with bread crumbs under the sheets, sexy chick in a fitted dress and lipstick of Dior on the lips. I flirt with guys, and ship them subtracted by latest from Jacques Lacan (half thinks it's French actor).

I will inspire their texts and actions, and want to shoot myself. I buy myself the perfect cashmere sweater, the most expensive in the store, and then eat Turkish Doner with garlic sauce for 3 Euros directly in the train, and a salad of it falls right on my lap.


©Casey Weldon

I keep a distance with the man, and then lose it, and how to fly to meet him, she, first, headlong. I have a lot to achieve, and then in a moment everything destroys itself due to, for example, a sudden surge of weakness and States "polanowski".

Before it was really annoying me. I said to myself: "Tamriko, well, if you're in expensive clothes, act like it. Expensive. At least don't eat on the train, for example." Or this: "Tamriko, take off that awful sweater, it's big on you, the chest can not be seen. Remember, you were simply a red tight dress and shoes on a boat? And thin arrows on the eyes? Everyone looked at you and flirted with you. You can't always look? Do not be lazy, take off that awful sweater and worn shoes!!! So you do not sell the elephant!!!".

Or this: "don't be mad at this guy, take the Zen, put that same red tight dress and go out on another date. You're smart and self-sufficient woman!" but she is wrap in the blanket, in a pita, and angry, furiously hate, imagine how to destroy him. I'm not perfect. Sometimes crazy tolerate, but in this post criticize and condemn.

But now it all seems normal. I can't love that. I don't know how to manage men, to eat only healthy food, exercise always, always look sexy and to read only the classics.

To be free does not mean to be wise. To be free is to allow yourself to feel what you're feeling right now. I don't have all the time to be one. I can be different. Depending on mood and circumstances.


Liz Gilbert. The best advice in my life

Envy — my life


You say: OK, but why show others their different, not always the best hand? Of course, this is not necessary. Enough not to try to prove to others and yourself that you always ideal.

Because it is, firstly, not so.

And, secondly, it is absolutely none (and you including) is not necessary.published

Author: Tamriko Sjølie

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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