Everything in this life is not in vain

Man is what he believesVadim Zeland in his teaching "Transerfing reality" proves that world events happen in an infinite number of spaces at the same time and I am sure that any person can draw their own "projector" that will broadcast his life. This means that what "ribbon" is spinning in your head, this "movie" you get in reality.

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Ten principles of Vadim Zeland:

1. In your reality you have the movie that revolves in your "projector". That draw, then you will see. The only problem is that people do the opposite: what you see is what you draw. Understand the difference?

2. The miracle will happen only if you break the stereotype and will not think about the means to achieve, and the purpose.

3. If you sometimes think that you are "not of this world" or this world "something wrong", then you're almost or quite awake is wonderful.

4. If you're stubborn and adamant will turn the thoughts your movie and walk to the goal - the reality will sooner or later come into compliance with it. Reality simply have nowhere to go — it is. Not only you depend on reality, but it is to you. The question is, who owns the initiative.

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5. What not to do by far is to be disappointed in his life. You must not think that she failed. At any age can't think like that. Everything in this life is not in vain. And still just beginning – at any time, under any conditions and circumstances.

6. Learn to enjoy bad weather, queues, traffic jams, problems of any negativity. Such is a kind of masochism will gradually clear the sky above your world. You should only think over what benefit will result for you or that unfortunate circumstance. And so be it — he will be convinced repeatedly.

7. When you stop just to want and you is going to have, then you're going to get.

8. The most difficult thing is knowing how to wait, while maintaining the tranquility of the master of the situation. You need to stand the test of pause, during which nothing happens.

9. Showing dissatisfaction with something or berating someone — the government, officials, players, weather, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, not to mention the children — you're grafting in the mirror of the world a bad image and get a corresponding reality in the reflection.

Ten. Allow yourself to be yourself means to accept yourself with all your imperfection. To allow another to be different means to remove his projection of their expectations.In the situation when one wants what the other doesn't accept, inexplicably resolved itself.

Using these principles or not — the choice always remains for you. You might think it's complete nonsense and ignoring this information. Or you can try to bring these tips to life now and see what happens. Incidentally, tens of thousands of people are, thanks to the principles of transurfing their lives are somehow mysteriously changing. Remember: man is what he believes.published 

©Vadim Zeland

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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