A NORMAL person

The most acute reaction, and the installation, where you have to agree to its generality.

So this is magic "I'm an ordinary man", which I've been told, or if we are talking about love relationships: "I'm an ordinary man", "I am an ordinary woman."

Now explain why there is internal resistance to this installation, what it means and why it is necessary to work. It may be better to accept our uniqueness? After all, individuality = originality. There are no two identical individuals are known as no identical fingerprints.

Be recognized like a normal person needs in order to lead your self esteem in an adequate condition. Keep your self-esteem in adequate condition means to provide yourself uninterrupted access to energy.

The fact that the word "normal" is just a word, and the images and interpretations each person has their own, and it depends on the state of his self-esteem.

Please note, who you represent when you say "normal people"?

Those who may find it in the app to myself so outraged, are usually grey and faceless mass. Or worse, some ugly, immature and dishonest Imbeciles. That is, ordinary people — cattle, and they would like to belong to the elite stratum nebydla.

Most likely these people not only consider themselves unusual. Unusual they believe their parents, their friends, their children of course is very unusual I think, well, someone very much in love, I think the shining star. Otherwise they are unusual so not in love.

All of this is very easy to see the crown. A regular somewhere, and a close circle of people — only the unusual person.

Now imagine how this view is typical of the egocentric as it is usual. Every egomaniac convinced that he is unusual. And what it is egocentric, it is unusual to yourself it seems. He and his closest circle, and somewhere on.

In the life of egocentric there are moments of acute loneliness, associated with the fact that they suddenly realize that all of them ordinary people, not appreciating their uniqueness.

And the most terrible collapse, until the thoughts of suicide is when egocentric suddenly thinks "not normal if I did?" He tries to recall what your objective successes, achievements and talents, but in the doldrums they all appear to him to be some kind of nonsense. The books describe great people, and he does not. And that's all. The life of the egocentric does not make sense. Ordinary people do not have to live it too embarrassing. It is bad form to be so normal, so gray and insignificant.

There are all sorts of tricks, which indulges the egocentric with a dose of self-centeredness smaller. They think of themselves as unusual, but all the other people they also consider unusual. Allegedly. A world of unusual people. More than seven billion unusual.

Yes, everyone is different, but there is no single quality that would not be repeated thousands of times in other people in the other combinations. The total singularity — the most usual quality for Homo sapiens. If all people are so unique and you believe it, then there is nothing wrong to consider himself an ordinary man. But you don't want to be as unique as all of these unique people. You want to be unusual among them.

That is just a Ruse. All people this is not an ordinary man believes, he believes the vast majority of ordinary and makes you stand out from the crowd and if we are not the only unusual person, then at least belong to the highest stratum (every of billions of egocentric, imagine that the "top" prosloechkoy).

No one bothers the person claiming to be ordinary, strive to do something unusual. Actually helps, because it directs the focus to work. Ordinary people can and should aspire (no tantrums) to unusual achievements. This is a healthy ambition. A healthy self — esteem to see their generality, to accept it and not see anything wrong with that. Those who tried to bring their self-esteem in a stable condition and adequate to keep him, do not even realize how much energy this releases.

All the energy egocentric is to keep the illusion of their grandeur, and falling from the throne, to lick and to mend the wounds of disappointment in myself and the world. Life continuously gives to understand that the one to whom you looked from above, something you better.

This is now an ordinary person gets more out of life, and you, unusual little. This is a reason to either be offended, or to change the priority system on the principle of "green grapes". And whether you need all of this? You're not a redneck something to dream about strong marriage, good wages, inflated ass. You unusual and have unusual values.

That is the view of himself as "unusual" forcing, or to imagine themselves the vanguard and keep the bar in illusions, striking the thing in the face with reality, or to skim and separate ourselves from society. In the society's ordinary people, and elected by nowhere separate circle is not sitting.

Ordinary man — one of those that surround you. It is very similar to you, and when you see drastic differences, you just flew away into the clouds. Go down to the ground.

Even the difference of intelligence healthy people is very small, and those whom we consider to be intellectuals, just dedicate a lot of time to mental work. There is nothing unusual in this, it is a common skill. And Yes, it is still a passion, but being passionate about business as usual.

The same applies to a beautiful body. Unusually beautiful body — a common thing for people who actively and constantly on this body of work. Among the same working body of people they normally look like. The good installation on the generality that it adjusts to the difficult work for relatively unusual accomplishments (relative because compared to what), and not allowed to rest on the laurels of its natural singularity.

Accept the fact that for their age, sex, social level, you pretty common. To do something unusual, you have to try (and other normal people). Don't need to cheat and to compare themselves physically with people much older or remember the trip in the backward countries, to feel rich and highly educated white man. You are an ordinary person and they are ordinary people, and different cultural and economic environment of your habitat.

An ordinary person is a nonexistent character is a collective image, you draw the schematic yourself, but this you draw the image says very much about your relationship with yourself and about your integration into the world. This is your ordinary man — ugly and stupid? Unpromising grey mouse? You have a bad integration into the world. And let me think why... Maybe you are trying to maintain their sense of superiority, representing the majority of people much worse than yourself?

But about how you objectively objectively unusual, tell that crowd egocentric that you believe the most common unlike yourself, objectively unusual people.


The personality: what makes the nature ofMarket relations, or the Illusion of love a Question for those who magic formula mastered earlier, rather than trying to master now. Feel better from taking your generalities? Or just grown a new tooth crown, which helps to consider myself "normal", knowing deep down this? published


Author: Marina Komissarova


Source: evo-lutio.livejournal.com/404564.html


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