Marina Diamandis

In 2010, Marina Diamandis (better known as Marina and the Diamonds) debuted with their album 'The Family Jewels'. Through honest and truthful texts which, by the way, Marina wrote herself, she had her students, which every year becomes more and more.

When Marina was 16 years old, her parents divorced. Marina decided to stay with his father, so that she had to move to Greece. However, 2 years later, she returned home, unable to endure regular life. In 2005, he came up with the name of Lambrini Marina & the Diamonds. Many people mistakenly believe that the Diamonds - is a musical group participants Marina, however, he says the singer, diamonds she calls her fans.

His first tracks Marina wrote, sang and even brought their own, with the help of a computer program. The songs were so interesting that later, Marina decided to release their mini-album. "Mermaid Vs. Sailor EP "went on sale in November 2007.

Paradoxically, but with access to the EP Diamandis not bombarded with offers from record labels. However, Marina did not quit music, and to a similar failure treated with an inherent irony. Soon the life of the future star fateful meeting occurred. In February 2008, Marina met Derek Davis, an employee Neon Gold Records. He persuaded Diamandis opening for the Australian singer and multi-instrumentalist Gautier. Marina gave her consent, without even suspecting that the "heating" will oversee the management of the label 679 Recordings (known for his work with Little Boots and Plan B). Energetic beauty so fascinated by "musical bumps" that at the end of her performance she was offered a long-awaited deal. However, the soil underfoot Marina was still too shaky to release a full album. A couple of successful EP strengthened the position of the singer brought her second place in the prestigious list of "BBC Sound Of 2010".

The long-awaited Marina Long the play "The Family Jewels" was released February 22, 2010. The first single was elected crown "Mowgli's Road", as it turned out not in vain. The new, non-standard singer took the majority of the disaffected in Lady Gaga music lovers.

The second album single becomes a daring "Hollywood", which pokes fun at Marina ideals imposed by Hollywood. "Hollywood" is considered one of the most successful work of the singer, which certainly contributed to the colorful video.

The next single «Oh No», was written by Marina on the way to Los Angelis. According to her, the song earned her the confidence and threw doubts about the possibility of failure.

Two years after their debut album, Marina released their second album «Electra Heart». A major hit, which was the song «Primadonna Girl». Cheerful and pop song about a selfish girl who wants everything at once, in a word diva.

The second single of the album was the song «Power & Control». On the relationship of man and woman, which turned into a fight. 'Do you think that'll break my heart? Consider yourself a merry consider yourself smart? Yes, you can and look good, but you're not a work of art. '

In an interview, Marina admitted that her favorite song from the second album is a «Starring Role». In the text of which it can be understood that Marina felt no reciprocal relationship to the man whose name she refuses to say.

All the same, a career 26-year-old Marina can say at the stage of development, in fact still not everyone knows about it, but she is talented enough for the global popularity and one day she will come to her.


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