To hear the voice of your soul

The older I get the more clearly you realize that a huge part of the motives and gestures in life are predictable and meaningless because they are merely a means to compensate for something, shortfalls in childhood and adolescence from family and peers. Situations of the past cannot be corrected, but we fuss, we create again and again similar situations in order to compensate for what's already gone.

It's like as if you were trying to saying now something unsaid in the past, people in your present, have no relation to your past.A waste of time.

If we begin to track (to understand) this process, stop doing this, it may be that this was 95% of your life. And then raises a difficult existential question: and if you stop to do all this, then what to do?


If you have failed to prove to others your right, to achieve recognition, to tickle one's sense of self-importance, endlessly trying to saturate and supersaturate bodily needs, you will not be able to face head-on with the question of the meaning of your life.

At this moment, in this creative emptiness is the opportunity to hear the voice of your soul and let it guide you. Here kristallizuetsya values. And, if you allow this to happen, you have a lot of things, very different from the usual bustle of life: to live every moment in accordance with your soul and embody in practice the values.

Imagine that you no longer need to think what you are doing on this planet, because the leadership of your movement through life passes through you like a beam of light illuminating the road ahead of you.

You don't know the ultimate goal of this road, and it's not important, because important is the process and conscious living. It is important not to lose beam of light and follow it. Once you veer off the road — and you get life lessons, without which you can't come back. But when you are on the Path of the Heart, the whole universe helps you.


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Awareness of what you are actually doing, explaining ourselves is a noble motivation and life goals is a big part of the work. And until she is made to feel the meaning of your life is impossible.

You may encounter this issue every time when faced with a devastating setback or loss, but will you change something in your life or become embittered and begin to deteriorate — it's a personal choice.published


Author: Nina Rubstein




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