Unusual human phobia

For most people a lifetime there are uncontrollable anxiety caused by these or other situations, memories, bad experience. Such fears are called phobias. Their appearance is difficult to explain logically, but get rid of them is possible. For this is gradually closer to the cause of fear and have the willpower and the desire

1. There are more than 400 different phobias recognized by psychologists.

2. Papafobiya - is the fear of the Pope.

3. phobophobia - is the fear of the emergence of a new phobia.

4. Geksakosioygeksekontageksafobiya - is the fear of the "number of the beastĀ» 666.

5. Nomofobiya - a fear of being left without a mobile phone or lose your cellular signal.

6. Anatidaefobiya - a fear that up to you somehow, somewhere, watching duck.

7. Kaliginefobiya - is the fear of beautiful women.

8. Herofobiya - it's not what you might think. In fact, it is the fear of joy, because then it could happen "something tragicĀ».

9. Filofobiya - is the fear of falling in love.

10. Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler - they all suffered from aelurophobia, fear of cats.

11. Didaskaleynofobiya - is the fear of going to school.

12. Pistantrofobiya - a fear to trust people, based on the experience from the past.

13. According to new research, phobias can be memories, passed down from generation to generation DNA.

14. Ommatofobiya - a fear of eyes.

15. Odontofobiya - a fear of dental clinics and dental treatment.

16. Gippopotomomonstroseskvippedaliofobiya - fear of long words.

17. Chenosillikafobiya - is the fear of an empty beer mug.


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