10 Phobias

Do you love nature? Sure, you say, but only until they were on the brink and come face to face with a grizzly bear. Indeed, not everyone gets the joy of communicating with trees, hiking in the mountains or meetings with the gorillas in their natural habitat. For some people, the mere thought of it could plunge them into a state of panic. Although these phobias associated with the environment, many people may seem funny to those who suffer from them, they turn into a nightmare. If you suffer from one or more of these phobias, you can resort to psychotherapy and relaxation techniques that will help you once again become closer to nature. 1. Limnofobiya - fear of ponds 11,720,002

When we think of the lake, then immediately there is an image of how we did swim, ride a boat or a picnic. But not for some unfortunate, those who have the idea to just stick your finger in the water or sit near the lake, can cause severe shaking. Limnofobiya - is not necessarily a fear of the water, but rather all-consuming fear that lurks in the depths. This term is used to describe the fear of the dark waters, such as swamps and ponds. 2. hylophobia: fear of the forest

In fairy tales and movies are often mysterious forest frightening place. As we grow from childhood, most of us no longer tremble at the thought that we can get lost in the woods, or become a victim of the villain. But still there are many people for whom even a short walk in the woods turns into a real test of strength. Such a person can constantly think of wild animals or serial killers lurking behind every tree. Pathological fear of the forest, which is particularly strong in the night, called niktogilofobiya. 3. Agrizoofobiya - fear of wild animals

Nobody argues that the idea that we are pursuing a tiger or a tear to shreds the grizzly bear, can cause fear. Indeed, the fear of wild animals we need for survival. However, agrizoofobiya goes far beyond a healthy boundaries between you and the wild beasts. Many people suffering from this phobia do not go to the zoo, do not start, and pets are afraid to even watch the programs related to animals. These people, even kind of a little harmless animal could invoke fear. For those who suffer from zemmifobii, can not tolerate the form of naked mole rats with wrinkled skin, small eyes and large curved front teeth. 4. heliophobia - fear of sunlight

Heliophobia as vampires can not tolerate sunlight. This fear has caused concern associated with skin cancer and even anxiety possible destruction of the planet during the giant solar explosion. Whatever the reason, people who are peculiar to unfounded fear of sunlight, often behave a little strange. They can keep windows closed, wear clothing that completely covers the body, and even in extreme cases, to refuse to go out. 5. Dorafobiya - fear wool 52,039,362

Excessive fear of wool originates from aversion to the process of stripping of skin with an animal in order to provide people with fur coats and other accessories. But this is not the only thing that causes dorafobiyu. Many of those who abhors skin, just simply do not carry on the spirit of the form, texture and smell of fur, while others develop this condition after the attack the animal. Those who suffer from fear of hair, stroking a dog or even a kind grandmother in fur coat can cause a panic attack. 6. Aeroakrofobiya - fear of open high places 30,758,972

As with fear of heights, people with aeroakrofobiey begin to shake and sweat at the sight of great panoramic views from the mountain tops and rocks. This excessive fear of open high places, and dizziness that accompanies them, so can a man out of balance, he moved to the lowland, avoid flying, and even the type of photographs taken from the air. 7. Ankraofobiya - fear of the wind

Most of us like the feeling when the skin runs a light breeze, or when we hear a subtle whistling of the wind, there was in the treetops. The same can not be said about those who suffer from ankraofobii. For them, even a slight breeze stirs bad memories of a potentially destructive force of the wind. Ankraofoby hiding at the first hint on the wind and avoid things that even remotely reminds them about the wind, such as kites, and ocean waves. 8. Entomofobiya - fear of insects 53,546,708

Name any creeping thing, and it is likely to do there own phobia: fear of termites (izopterofobiya), fear of moths (mottefobiya), fear of wasps (sfeksofobiya), lice (pedikulofobiya) and many others. There are those who are afraid of almost all insects. Entomofoby begin to lose his composure at the sight and sound of any climbing, crawling and buzzing of unknown origin. Many of them prefer not to spend time in nature, and making a lot of effort to make sure that their house did not settle, no insect. 9. Anablefobiya - fear of the sky

Summer, sun, and you're lying, his eyes staring into the blue heights overhead. Most likely, none of this applies to those who suffer from fear anablefobii or just look up. They do not admire or calms the immense space which extends above the head, or the mystery lurking in the universe. Some people who suffer from this phobia, overwhelmed insignificance, while others have a feeling that the sky literally falls on them. 10. Atofobiya - fear of flowers

Imagine that someone could throw up at the sight of blooming roses, or the person will feel dizzy when walking on the flowering meadows. Many of us admire the flowering, rich colors of flowers and a pleasant smell. But for people with atofobiey colors are represented as some terrible evil, or remind them of insects or animals that use pollen and petals of flowers, such as bees and their sting.

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