most original human fears (rating)

Doctors call phobia "constant, extremely strong and irrational fear of an animal, object, place or situation," which, basically, do not cause inconvenience to most people. Fears often appear in late adolescence, in adolescence or early adulthood, sometimes as a reaction to some frightening event. If some people who have a fear of those or other objects and situations which rarely occur in his life, often live a normal life, for others who suffer phobias such as agoraphobia complex - the fear of open spaces, maintaining a normal life can be quite difficult. Simple cases of phobias related to the fear of certain unusual objects, activities, or situations. The most popular examples - insects, rats, germs, closed space, height and air travel. Complex phobias such as agoraphobia - fear of open space - can be associated with some attendant fears. "It would be strange if everyone would not be what some phobias, but there are a limited number of people who suffer unsettle clinical cases of phobias," - said the head of the British National Association of phobias, Professor Robert Edelmann. In his words, the country can look fear tickling feather, but he can not imagine the person who took this phobia if, for example, as a child he tickled, though he did not want this, and it was unpleasant. Edelmann said that in his practice faced with people who are afraid of clowns, and hence to the fear of balloons at hand. One theory of the mechanism of phobia is that people are biologically programmed to fear certain things. On the part of our prehistoric ancestors, obviously, it was reasonable to be afraid of the dark, because in the darkness they could attack. Or afraid of darts around animals that could harm them, he says. A list of the most unusual phobias from the list of unusual phobias, presented at a special internet-site, you can see that the fear of long words called gippopotomonstroseskippedalofobiya. Apparently, out of pity for the patients this disease is sometimes reduced to seskippedalofobii. It is characterized by shortness of breath, rapid breathing, violation of palpitations, sweating, nausea and an overwhelming sense of fear. Among the countries of obsessive fears have also zemmifobiya, or fear of a large mole and alektorofobiya - fear of chickens. It is rather strange to see written in the Latin alphabet bolshefobiyu disease - fear of the Bolsheviks. Affected lutrafobiey fear of otters suffering globofobiey - balloons, and those who are exposed to pteronofobii - one thought that they tickle feather. Fear of mother-in called penterafobiya. And the fear of France and French culture called genufobiya. To be fair, they are afraid of not only French, but also, for example, the Danish (datchfobiya), German (Germanophobia) and Chinese (Sinophobia) culture. Arifmofoby fear digits makrofoby - long wait. Filofoby afraid to fall in love, and panofoby - anything else. Fears surround people everywhere. For kaliginefobiya is a fear of wonderful women and maieusiophobia it - fear of childbirth. On the internet-site contains hundreds of similar diseases. The representative of the resource made a statement that he personally did not face with people suffering each of these phobias, and that among its customers the most common fear of public speaking. Always the same face from approximately 15th phobias.


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