Phone corn? Samsung has already released the Eco Phone!

South Korean giant introduced a local mobile public corn machine Samsung Eco Phone SCH-W510. This does not mean that the phone is made of corn cob, just for the production of new items has been used bioplastic.

Yes, bioplastic, for which is used as raw maize. Also, the developers claim that they were able to do without the use of heavy metals - lead, cadmium and mercury. It is for these environmental achievements of the unit has received a "green" mark of the Korean Institute of eco-friendly products.
The phone itself - it is a typical Korean slider equipped with a DMB TV receiver that supports the 3G network with data rates up to 7, 2 Mb / s. Samsung SCH-W510 is equipped with a 3 megapixel camera with LED flash on board has music / video player, toys, and other entertainment features.
Approximate cost Samsung Eco Phone in Korea is $ 475.


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