Unusual Phobias

If you think you're the only one who is afraid to "jump into the water in the open water, because there may be, for example, a huge piece of iron" or you panic afraid to absorb solid food, as one of American teenagers who eats some yogurt and eat more 10 cans a day to somehow satisfy his hunger, Do not worry, you're not alone. According to experts from the phobia affects more than 10 million. Man.

Simple cases of phobias related to the fear of certain specific objects, situations or activities. The most common examples - insects, germs, water, closed space, height, etc.

About this kind of phobia is written huge number of various scientific articles. We are also interested in such cases, the description of which you can hardly find in any textbook on psychology.

Hronoipohondriya (Chronohypochondria): the fear to get into the past for fear of contracting some incurable disease and death, as a time machine breaks down and will not be able to get out of the past, where the disease can not be treated.

A person suffering from this phobia, told the following items: "I'm afraid somehow find themselves in the past and get stuck there, then catch some incurable disease that today can be easily treated (for example, polio or the plague) and died, at the same time realizing that if I could go back in time, I would definitely cured. So I always wanted to know how to get penicillin, so, just in case ».

Klassiksfobiya or fear of the classical (Classicsphobia): fear of Renaissance paintings, Greek and / or Roman sculptures and the Greek gods.

Another lost soul admitted: "I have a rather unusual phobia: I feel the fear of the paintings of the Renaissance. It's more like madness, but that's not all ... other than that I'm afraid of the statues, which are very similar to human beings, especially the Greek, the statue of Christ ... I can not stand under the arch or dome of the temple, especially if they are very large. Also, I am afraid of the Greek gods, sometimes I think that Poseidon may appear out of the water when I swim in the pool or lying on the beach ... Very much I am afraid to be in the open air, for example, on the field or in any other place where no trees, no roofs do not cover the sky ... I think Zeus is about to descend from heaven to earth. It all sounds rather strange, I know, but these fears hinder me to live, because of them I can not go to many places ... »

Hyper-specific numerofobiya (Hyper-specific numerophobia): the fear of the number 211.

We can say that it is a phobia of any one particular number. In this case, the person is afraid of is the number 211, that's what he said: "Why do some reading in the book page 208 on 211, I had a sense of fear that I might die, with it, the more I turned the pages, the more it became this feeling. Gradually it turned into a fear of the number 211. For example, passing an electronic clock around 2:11, I nervously check if you still have this fatal number to dial or not. If the time is exactly 2:11, waiting for 2:12, and when the "danger" has passed. "

GartBruksavtofobiya (Garthbrooksautophobia): the fear to die in a car accident near country music (it should be clarified that Garth Brooks - a famous American country singer).

Here's how it explains itself suffers from this phobia: "I am very much afraid to get in a car accident. But the worst, if the radio will sound country until I die warped in the car, and I can not reach up to the radio and turn it off. I do not want to die like that! I have this phobia since I was 17, now I'm 36 ".spizzheno with crazypages.ru

Signalofobiya (Beepaphobia): fear of different beeps, ringing bells, etc.

It seems that this phobia can exist in reality. Suffering people it seems that all the annoying beeps, which in our modern life a great many (microwaves signals, timers, clocks, phones) - a kind of counters that count as much as they needed to live. Here's how two different people describe this phobia:

"I am 15 years old and I'm afraid different tone! When something squeaks by my side (oven, alarm clock, etc.), my heart starts beating wildly, I get nervous. It's so annoying! »

"For several years I have thought that so much afraid of the sound signals, because they caused me anxiety. I knew exactly whether it is an alarm clock or a cellular call, they can not stand long, nasty rings. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that all these signals as if I foretell death. Like it triggered a timer counting down the last minutes of my life, in the end nothing happens, and I continue to live. Recently, my friend wanted to bake a cake for me and turned on the stove timer, I lost my composure and stuck a fork in it. Thank God, he is now okay, but now only gives me the jelly. Say that there is any explanation? It drives me crazy!"


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