We are not born equal

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One of the great fallacies that all people are equal to each other. Of course, it is not. We are not born equal. Every person comes into this World with your qualities, characteristics, supplying personal and vitality and most importantly — karma. What karma determines what the person what will be his fate. Let's be honest and Frank, not all of us in this life, can attain enlightenment, I'm not talking about complete freedom. Many of us are destined to be born and to live this life unconsciously phantom, constantly stepping on the same rake, making the same mistakes.

In the terminology of seeing the people of knowledge call these "cracked pots". The probability of their changes do not depend on them. Well, not at the mercy of these people to change by their own free will. For the most part, their destiny to constantly suffer. Even when they say otherwise, they still, deep inside me, I want to suffer. We can safely say that the karma these people are not just large, it surpasses all conceivable limits.

A person with a "heavy" fate, there is one universal answer, which he always uses at every opportunity:

"Easy for you to say! You don't know what it's like when you grow up / were abused / had a bad past (underline)»

And if you give him sound advice, which really changed his life in the near future or reveal the reasons for his failure, he pulls out his trump card from his sleeve and waving them in front of your face as a salutary cross, finding himself an excuse for inaction, attempting thereby to make you feel guilty because you're so "lucky."

My response in such cases is simple. Yeah, I haven't been in this situation like you. In a sense, I was even lucky to live in such conditions, but why should I feel this guilt? It's your karma, my friend. If you were born and raised in such horror, which means that in past lives you really pokurali and this led to the fact that you are now where you are. Who is to blame? Only you yourself.

Yes, from the point of view of the Person, is unfair. Why should I pay for the sins of their previous incarnations, I don't even remember? But from the point of view of Higher, everything is absolutely true when one realizes that he is not just a person, not just an ego, a creature of magic, the destiny of which evolution is developing acceptance.

And if you really want to solve your problem and change your life, and not indulging in your self pity and trying to elicit these emotions from others (pity me unhappy), then you'll understand that I'm right and there is no other solution, except to leave his past alone, to stop blaming others for their failures, take responsibility for their lives and finally start to do something.

Understand, do not arrive suddenly a magician will wave his wand and solve all your problems. You have only two options: continue to suffer or to get out of this pit. If in this life, your karma is not worked out and lessons are learned, and all that will go into the next life and do not know what starting conditions you appear in this World. And in this World appear? And in General, appear you? published 

Source: abstractmagic.ru/mi-ne-rojdaemsya-ravnimi/


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