The pamper yourself at the dessert sweet tooth in 20 countries

How often it happens that quite simply impossible to deny myself the pleasure to eat something delicious. We are hopeless sweet tooth, millions around the world. And if some are accustomed to indulge himself a popular dessert, others prefer a very exotic delicacies.

< Website is a list of traditional desserts from all over the world, which is definitely worth a try.

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Tiramisu, Italy

This multi-layered light dessert sweet tooth won recognition worldwide. Its main ingredient - mascarpone cheese, coffee and biscuits Savoiardi

Chocolate Cake "Guinness", Ireland

. This cake combines seemingly incompatible with each other ingredients - chocolate and beer. We came up with his ingenious Irish to celebrate Christmas and St. Patrick's Day.

Cheesecake, America

Cheesecake - sweet dessert based on cottage cheese or cream cheese mousse. Cheesecakes first appeared in ancient Greece, but today they are loved all over the world, especially in the US.

Pikarones, Peru

These spicy donuts love to feast on, many in South America, but in Peru they have acquired the status of mega dessert. Prepare them from the pumpkin or sweet potato and served with honey or syrup of cane sugar and citrus.

ALFAJOR, Argentina

ALFAJOR - a two-layer round biscuits soaked in caramel or jam. Top hostess sprinkle it with powdered sugar or coconut.

Pudding, England

Although before the XIII century pudding prepared from meat, today it has become a national English dessert. Prepared dish in a water bath of eggs, sugar, milk and flour.

«Russian hat," Croatia

The name of a popular dessert in the Balkans was due to the similarity with the Cossack woolen hat. Recipe is quite simple: the basis of the biscuit dough smeared with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut

cake "Sacher", Austria

This cake was invented by the famous pastry chef Franz Sacher in the XIX century. So far dessert biscuit, apricot jam and chocolate is the favorite delicacy of the Austrians.

Trdlo, Czech Republic

< br> Trdlo - a sweet made of dough rolls with a wide range of filling inside. Cook them over an open fire, and before being dipped in a syrup of sugar and cinnamon, sprinkle with nuts or coconut.

Churros, Spain

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The most favorite dessert the Spaniards is a simple stick of choux pastry, deep fried. Eat them, dipped in hot chocolate.

Eclair, France

Eclair - a cake, usually with custard inside. But they can even cook salt in France.

Fruit in caramel, China

Dessert is prepared very simply. To obtain caramel mixed sugar, water and lemon juice, and then simply dipped into it any fruit. This sweetness in China can be bought from street vendors, and in elite restaurants. In the first case, you will be served apples and tangerines in the caramel, in the second - caramelized pineapples, pears, melons or bananas

Wagashi Japan

Dish of beans, rice, chestnuts, a variety of herbs and tea. Although Japan's wagashi are considered a national dessert, the taste they are not sweet.

Cheesecakes, Russia

Fried fritters from cottage cheese. As a rule, they are prepared with raisins or other dried fruits, nuts, apples and pears. Serve cheesecake made with condensed milk, sour cream or jam.

Gulab jamun, India

Sweet balls of powdered milk in syrup.

Cookies hangwa Korea

A traditional Korean meal with grain, honey, edible flowers and roots.

Kuksistery, South Africa

In fact, it is the familiar donuts, but not round, and twisted or braided. Top kuksistery poured syrup.

Pancakes from pandanus leaves, Indonesia

Pandanus - an exotic plant with very fragrant leaves, which are added to many Asian dishes, and even bake pancakes are

Baklava, Turkey

Baklava - a calling card of the East. Prepare it from puff pastry. Each layer dessert coat with butter and honey and sprinkle with nuts.

Cake "Pavlova" Australia

This air-meringue cake with whipped cream and fruit. It was created in honor of the visit of ballerina Anna Pavlova in the Green Continent.

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