"If we are going to meet the Spring - Spring is itself towards us"

woman said, "I'm tired»
. A Spring laughs: "I came
. If you stopped to wait for me -
Let's stay together

to correct the matter. " The woman sighed: "pent ...»
A Spring to her: "At Heal
. Soul, mind, body and wardrobe -
In the joy of the spring update. »

The woman pleaded: "Right, later ...»
A spring with the participation of "Do not Cry
! To the heart sung starry night -
I'll give you hope. »

The woman stubbornly: "No patience ...»
A Spring: "You do not anger God
! In my April - Sunday
For salvation, Faith and Love.

Enough mope, whine and bicker!
Look: the whole world is open Spring
! Bother to even try -
And she come to meet me! »

This dialogue is to perpetuate,
May serve as future years:
If we are going to meet the Spring -
The spring itself is to meet us!

Lily Sobko

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