Ten most exotic desserts in the world

Traveling around the world, not in a hurry to order a dessert cheesecake or tiramisu familiar. Do not miss the opportunity to try the unusual sweetness!

Ice cream in liquid nitrogen
MANILA, Philippines
While at NASA has long mastered the technology of freezing food for astronauts, only a few very brave dare cooks up new frontiers of molecular gastronomy and offer guests something similar. One of these pioneers living in Manila. His signature dish - ice cream, which is prepared using liquid nitrogen. In the line of flavors icy treats you'll find a rose and lavender, and even eggs and bacon!

Dark chocolate
Do not be deceived so banal name of this sweet menu Chicago restaurant Alinea. If you order a humble, seemingly dessert, you will find a really theatrical performance: on the table in front of you a bright red cranberry jam and yellow syrup draw a few chaotic lines. Then install them on the huge chocolate balls, resembling the size of bowling, filling them with frozen persimmon, honey and cranberry pudding, and then ruthlessly broken, do hereby create an abstract work of art.

Los Angeles, USA
Eternally tormented, a dessert prefer? Try Cherpumple - tall cake consisting of a barrow at each other classic American treats: apple, cherry and pumpkin pies, missed cheese frosting. For the first time this dish invented a Los Angeles humorist, and a year later chefs throughout California experimented with different fillings - a giant sweetness liking everything except watching their weight, because a piece of this delicacy contains 1,800 calories.

Golden Sultan cake
Istanbul, Turkey
This luxury worthy of the Sultan or Padishah dessert can be enjoyed at the Istanbul five-star hotel Ciragan Palace Hotel. Cake of a fantastic mixture of figs, apricots, quinces, pears marinated and Jamaican rum for at least two years of exposure, Polynesian vanilla and caramelized truffles preparing for three days. At the end of the cake covered with edible flakes of the finest records of 24 carat gold, so that it becomes like a big gold ingot.


Candy with roasted stuffed
Scotland, United Kingdom
Rumor has it that this dish came after about 15 years ago some of the chefs of the province decided to fry bar Mars. Since sweets stuffed with grilled become very popular in the Scottish fast-food outlets. However, go for the sea is not necessarily, you can easily prepare a dish at home, choosing your favorite stuffed chocolate bar and fry it in the test.


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