These cakes are so elegant, that they even have pity

And cake design can be approached creatively. These elaborate confectionery masterpieces are staggering its form and an abundance of detail. Such beauty will cast doubt on any diet!

< Website I hope that these ideas will inspire you when you are thinking of the next time to please their loved sweets.

Cake "Library"

Cake "pig in the mud"

Cake "Up"

Cake "Planet"

Cake "Red Dragon"

Cake "Panda"

Cake "Ice Age"

Cake "Giraffes"

Cake "bucket of beer"

Cake "Snake"

Cake "James Bond"

Cake "Sorting Hat"

Cake "Antigravity Maltesers and M & M's»

Cake "T-shirt"

Cake "Book"

Cake "Planet Earth"

Cake «Nikon»

Candy tort

Cake "Mignon"

Cake paleontologa

Cake «Heinz»

Sushi tort

Cake "" Starry Night "by Van Gogh"

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