How do famous Soviet cakes

Today it comes to sweets, without which no cost, no one's birthday and the wedding - cake. And what are the most delicious cakes? That's right, Soviet. Especially for you - the sweetest pictures from the Minsk bakery №3.

The phrase "the cake is not a cake" sounds ridiculous, but just reflect the actual desire to complain, saying that before cakes were delicious, but today is not the same. Manufacturers protected cards with recipes: the recipes are old, so why product is getting worse? The most meticulous of them suggest that the reason for dissatisfaction (with the exception of the age of grumbling customers) can change the quality of products - raw materials for the cake, which becomes a different, more "long-term".

Minsk Bakery №3 running since 1953 and remembers a different time. Once it was made up to 50 tons of baked goods and more than a ton of cakes "Fairy Tale" in the day. Now less in total, but in a wider range. In addition to traditional varieties coming products, which previously could only dream of.

"Be sure to write about our new bread" Healthy Heart "- immediately draws the attention of the chief of the laboratory Larisa Lisovskaya. - This is a continuation of the European line of breads: "Oat Valley," cereal "Hercules," "The English grain" - not only delicious bread for everyone, but also useful for diabetics ».

Bread "Healthy Heart", contains the necessary minerals and vitamins, it is recommended to reduce the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system. While the staff show a prototype, but soon recipe goes into production. Loaf will cost about 14 thousand. Rubles.

See what's new, we were allowed into the pastry shop - one of the four production sites of the bakery. The shop is a "factory in the factory": here the warehouse, furnace production equipment and employees. Youth, by the way, a little, but in the context of the classic cake is the only plus: try to convince skeptics that a young girl will do the same "fairy tale." Especially that little cakes are influenced by modern production technologies, the main work - is manual labor.

3rd bakery makes about 30 kinds of pies, not counting individual orders. From old recipes - "Kiev", "Leningrad", "Capital" and "Fairy Tale". The company is not a monopoly, the same make cakes and other capital plant. Not once had to watch as buyers ask at the store "Fairy Tale" certain bakery. Although the recipe all the same.
"Perhaps we are talking about the external design of the cake, which can be different even within the same plant - suggests Larissa Lisovskaya. - Confectioners - that artists who can draw a cake as part of their skills and performance. Not only the recipe changes and weight ».
"Fairy Tale" begins with a semi-finished biscuit baking. After 8 hours, cake stand, and it takes the confectioner. Initially, you need to soak the sponge cake with syrup, which included water, sugar, sweet wine (for example, Cahors) and brandy ("Minsk Kristall").

Incidentally, the degree of impregnation is just the main target of criticism. However, confectioners claim that the traditional cake soaked, the same volume of syrup. For this is the scale and measuring cup. For the most worried-buyers give wonderful advice from confectioners: much juicier and tastier "Fairy Tale" after becoming frozen in a normal domestic camera.

The same applies to the amount of cream, which is made from oil with the addition of brandy, sugar and condensed milk. He, too, is spread by hand, but sharp eyes confectioner highly likely to add much cream as you need for the recipe.

After a cream biscuit braided in a roll and lay impregnation.

Rolls are cut into proper sizes, weighed, and then begins work on an exact fit is still a semi-finished product the required size and weight of the cake. To start the workpiece are coated with the same cream as inside. Then draw a figure crest waves.

The next stage - the lateral surface strew crumbs.

"This baby is specially prepared for spreading - says Larisa Lisovskaya. - Sponge cake is baked separately, dried and crushed ».

Completes the transformation of the cake in the "fairy tale" design. The cake is not only delicious and beautiful, but the pound. The most delicious cake will be the next day after production, but selling this extremely difficult to find: the official shelf life of "Tales" - only 36 hours.

Similarly done and "Kiev". First, the air-baked walnut cakes. Prescription cake nuts are interchangeable. At the 3rd bakery always used peanuts. Glued butter cream cakes and then held like a "fairytale" procedure: frosting, dusting the sides and surface decoration.

"Almost at the plant were the staff who remember how to begin to make sets of cakes. It seems as if they have always been - Larisa Lisovskaya responds to a question about the age of the popular dessert. - Since then, I changed their range, weight. Some types of cakes, such as bush or sponge strips to meet today difficult. Instead, new types with vegetable cream. The only thing that remains in each set - it's cake "potato" ».

"Potatoes" - another set of modern buyer. What it is only rumored to do this cake. The reason for that - grit.
"" Potato "is actually made of biscuit crumbs with the addition of cream, cocoa and impregnation. Only it's not a crumb from the table or from the late cakes and specially baked biscuit of semi-finished product - assures our guide. - By the way, expired products are not allowed to be returned from the store in the bakery ».

Next to the conveyor belt - tables to work on individual orders. The main limitation for buyers - ready recipe. You can not bring grandma's recipe and asked to bake a cake for him. The bakery offers cakes to make six popular recipes. Well, look, we know, may be the most bizarre.

That is, for example, the workpiece, which will turn into a Sponge Bob.
Price cake - from 90 thousand. Rubles per kilogram. The cost of the "elite" of the cake - from 150 thousand. For this you will make registration of the mastic, with caramel and other costly components. The biggest cake that is made to order, weighed about 120 kilograms and was made for a holiday at BSU.
If the formulation of classical cakes left, the old "odezhku" cardboard almost all bakeries removed. Now cakes packed in transparent plastic boxes, which are easy to transport, and more like customers. While certainly there are those who miss the famous picture pasted on every box "Tales." Whoever and whatever made cakes, they are a matter of taste.



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