5 mouth-watering cakes without baking, which is not only pleasing to the eye and stomach.

Most of us are very fond of sweets, especially cakes. Each family has its favorite recipe, but sometimes she wants to try something new. Homemade cake - it's always delicious, but it happens that it is necessary to prepare more than one hour. Therefore, .cc offers you to learn the recipes 5 mouthwatering cakes, which are very simply made. You do not even have to turn on the oven!

1. Chocolate cheesecake "Fantasy»

450 g of cottage cheese; 450 g sour cream or homemade yogurt; 1/2 Art. milk; 20 g of gelatin; 1/2 Art. sugar; 2 tbsp. l. cocoa; a pinch of vanilla. How to prepare:
1. Pour gelatin, hot milk. Wait until the mixture swells.
2. grind curd, add the sugar, cream, vanilla and gelatin mass. Properly vzbey.
3. The resulting mixture was divided into two equal parts. One add cocoa.
4. Pour in the form of a mass of white, put in the freezer for a short while to grasp. Then pour on top of the cocoa and refrigerate.
5. The cake can be decorated with fruit or nuts.

2. Cake «grape»

700 g sour cream with a high fat content; 300 g crunchy pastry; dried (to taste); 1 chocolate bar < / 25 g of gelatin; 1 bag of jelly green; seedless grapes; 1 tbsp. sugar; 150 ml of hot water; a pinch of vanilla. How to prepare:
1. Pour the gelatin with hot water. Wait until the swells.
2. At this time, dissolve gelatin according to package directions. Leave to cool down.
3. Mince cookies.
4. Add sour cream and vanilla sugar, well vzbey. Then add the gelatin and again vzbey.
5. Chocolate previously put in the fridge to cool. When broken it finely.
6. Mix sour cream with cookies and dried fruit to taste (before that they need to pour boiling water and cut).
7. Take the split mold. Laid out in her third of the sour cream mixture. Sprinkle with chocolate. Then put the second layer of the mixture and sprinkle with chocolate. And on top of the last layer of sour cream mixture.
8. Put the form with the cake in the refrigerator 30-45 minutes.
9. At this time, we will cut in half and wash the grapes.
10. As laid out around half vinogradinok on the cake, as in the photo and zaley jelly.
11. Place the cake in the refrigerator until complete solidification.
12. When the cake hardens, remove skirting shape and gently transfer the cake on a serving plate.

3. Cake «Mosaic»

500 g sour cream; 300 g peaches (or any other fruit); 100 g sweet crackers; 100 g of sugar; 2-3 bags of different colors of jelly; 10 g of gelatin; 50 ml of hot water; a pinch of vanilla. How to prepare:
1. Prepare the jelly according to package directions. Leave to harden.
2. Pour gelatin with hot water until dissolved.
3. Fruits less often, you can take both fresh and canned.
4. crumbled sweet crackers, cookies can be used "Hrustik».
5. Mix the sour cream, sugar and vanilla. Add gelatin, when it cools down.
6. Add a mixture of fruit, biscuits and jelly, pre-cut into cubes. All carefully Mix.
7. The resulting mass pour it into a mold and put in a cool place for hardening. When harden, set the form for a few seconds in boiling water and turn gently to the dish.


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