Festive cakes to order

We all love the holidays, they look forward to, prepare for them in advance, they postpone their savings. Everyone wants to festive event took place as best as possible and remember for a long time. Anniversaries, anniversary, wedding, new baby, child's birthday and other celebrations are very important for each of us. The main decoration of the table is, of course, birthday cake, without which no cost, no celebration. However, how to be in a situation where a lot of visitors, and the little cake shop of dubious quality and freshness does not fit into a festive table decoration? There is a way! We offer manual custom birthday cakes of all kinds, shapes and sizes with exclusive jewelry that will fit the event.

We offer luxury wedding cakes , they will be made for you with love hands of experienced confectioners, with many years of experience and know all the secrets of making beautiful and delicious cakes. These cakes will be able to surprise each of your guest as his appearance and excellent taste. A variety of creams, jellies and fruit components, a wide range of fillings and other ingredients previously discussed with the customer. We will listen carefully to your requirements and wishes, and as soon as possible to put them in a beautiful and high-quality sweet decoration holiday table.

Advantages order Making cakes we

  • We offer a large variety of cakes to order. Exclusive holiday cakes for weddings, anniversary, birth of a child. Our pastry chefs will prepare a unique children's cakes for special events with the participation of a large number of children who will be decorated with drawings and figures of different cartoons and games popular at this time the guys.
  • We do not have low-quality products. We guarantee high quality of all the ingredients that make up the cake, as well as its complete security and the absence of harmful substances in.
  • At your request we will do any unique design of the cake, which will correspond to the topics festivities.
  • You can order the production of cakes custom type and form.
  • The creative approach of our employees to the production of each of the cake, which will be unique and one of a kind.
  • Individual approach to every client.
  • Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. ul>


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