Food - the best medicine!

Julia Filimonova, the founder of the production company's product for a healthy and happy life "Consonance" told how to use the products to preserve the health and beauty.

 - Julia, tell us a little about the company. How it all began?

 - As I am a teacher - a psychologist for more than 15 years working with children and their parents. In recent years, he led a large art department. The work itself is very liked, but persistent reports badly poisoned life and took away a lot of time. At one point, I wondered about his future, and decided to create a company offering high-quality people and, most importantly, healthy products. So there

«Accord".  - Explain what the live food

?  - It is absolutely natural products that are formulated without preservatives, artificial flavors and other additives are not the most useful. This meal brings health and happiness.

 - Why did you decide to engage in the production of quality products is

?  - I am a good cook and I have a whole collection of own recipe, which is always shared and share with your friends. This lesson I really like, the more I am a passionate fan of healthy eating. First, we, together with her husband and two sons, Daniel (13 years) and Denis (8 years) engaged in the production of handmade chocolates from dried fruits and nuts. And here I was faced with such a problem: where to get quality products? Three months later I was looking for reliable suppliers.

 - And what you do not like nuts and dried fruit from the shops? It is now quite a large selection.

 - The paradox that the rich assortment of products in Moscow, buy dried fruit not treated with chemicals, it is practically impossible. I just went with the head of the study of information about how and what they are processed, and how can the appearance and smell to determine their quality. After all, one of the main principles of our company is the principle of Hippocrates: "Let food be your medicine and medicine - food." I just could not ask people their products, processed, for example, sulfur dioxide SO2, (another name - E220 additive) that is often used in drying dried fruits. It extends the shelf life, makes a beautiful appearance of the product, but getting into our stomach turns into a weak solution of sulphurous acid, and she, in turn, irritates the mucous membranes of our digestive system. Finally I found a decent producers of dried fruits and nuts, and we have launched the process. Together with the family inventing new recipes, tasting, eliminate errors and improve quality. At that time, we had more than 30 types of chocolates, at the moment we make seven of the most popular - a "Pistachio bliss", "Winter Cherry", "Spicy Strawberry", "apricot almonds" and other goodies. Then already appeared phyto-cakes, chocolate, halva.

 - Julia, and how about your customers confectionery learned

?  - We have participated and participate in various exhibitions, festivals, to show themselves and look at others. In addition, our customers often recommend "Consonance" your friends.

 - The principle of your company - it's a meal without fried, baked and boiled. And how you make cakes and chocolate, because there can not do without heat treatment?

 - Cakes we bake oven in the usual way, and the preparation do not use sugar, oil and flour. "Korzh" do a mixture of nuts and dried fruit, add honey, spices, and as a cream - fresh berries. Chocolate can not be prepared without heat treatment, but we do not heat it above 38 ° C, in this case the useful properties of cocoa beans and cocoa butter does not disappear. In our production, I do not use refined foods, dyes and preservatives. I consider the project as an educational yet. It is important to teach people how to eat right and take care of your health. After all, it depends on the food we eat.

 - Failure to have our usual preservatives, dyes and other additives, for sure, limits the shelf life of products? How and how much to keep alive the cake or candy helpful?

 - Phyto-cakes or candies, we recommend not to keep more than three days, a necessary condition - is to put goodies in the fridge. Their main feature - is a natural! I do not regret about the preservatives and other additives, we will not use them for anything! Useful food gives us the strength and uplifting, and this is the main value! I treat all its clients as friends, I am ready to offer them the best.

 - And how do you then keep products

?  - Finished products we do not stand in the refrigerator, and are leaving immediately to customers. All desserts, soups and salads (which is also available in our "menu"), we are preparing for the order.

 - Nuts, dates, honey - enough high-calorie foods, and do you have any desserts for those who are on a diet

?  - We have a delicious coconut cake, which contributes to weight loss! Despite the fact that coconut oil to taste fat enough, it is very useful and not type superfluous kgs.

 - Tell us about your plans for the future

.  - At the moment I am seriously puzzled over cooperation with farmers and residents of eco-settlements for the supply of natural products "from the garden" to the inhabitants of the metropolis

.  - Julia, what would you wish readers "Moskvichki»

? Dear mistress, important in preparing food - a friendly mood and pleasure from the process. Do what you love and love what you do. And then the world around will answer you the same.

Interview with Julia Filimonova

Sometimes you need to stop, take a break, to choose the right path ...

Teacher - psychologist Julia Filimonova more than 15 years working with children, but one day realized that he wanted to engage in any other business - to cook healthy food

. You did not like the previous job?

 - The real work with children I really liked, but persistent reports badly poisoned life and took away a lot of time. At one point I realized that the marking time and not see the future prospects for development. I decided to quit and realize themselves in another area.

Was it easy to take this step?

 - It was very difficult. When I filed a letter of resignation, then I shook hands. This time just coincided with the global economic crisis. Colleagues me scared of unemployment, twirled his finger to his temple, but I still went nowhere. I needed time to think, to organize his thoughts and decide what I will do next.

How you took the news of your family?

 - At that moment I was the only breadwinner in the family. But this news is not scared of her husband and sons, they supported me very much. By counting the total budget, we decided to start the production house handmade chocolates with nuts and dried fruits.

Why did you decide to engage in food production it?

I am a good cook, I have a whole collection of own recipe, which is always shared and share with your friends. This lesson I really like, the more I am a passionate fan of healthy eating. Therefore, in the kitchen with her husband, sons, Daniel (14 years) and Denis (8 years) created a family row.

How did you find customers?

We have participated and continue to participate in various exhibitions. Our desserts tried friends and tell their friends. It turned out a "word of mouth". Now our production has gone beyond the kitchen. Now we offer our customers not only sweets, but also useful cakes without sugar, preservatives, dyes, GMOs and ready meals.

Some women try to cook at home is not to not eat an extra piece and does not gain weight, what do you think about this?

 - I cook at home for the whole family. I try to make the food was not only delicious, but also useful. My husband and sons are conducting an active way of life, so the extra weight does not threaten us.

How do you spend your spare time?

 - We try to travel with the whole family. Classic beach holiday - it's not for us. Often we go on tour in Russia. Some try to go to Europe or Asia, and we have the opposite - studying the native open spaces. Russia in fact such an immense and fascinating. Last year we visited Suzdal, Rostov Veliky, Novgorod and Murom, and in this plan to visit the island of Valaam. Over the weekend, be sure to leave on the nature. We all grow old to do together. We have a very friendly family.

How many years have you been married?

 - For 19 years

! As my husband and I met?

 - In Izmailovo Park. The girls dragged me to walk, and we met my future husband, Sasha. At the time I was 17 and it was my 9 years older.

You are not embarrassed that your future husband is older?

 - I've always liked it! Sasha people with experience, we always have something to talk about, he's very attentive and caring.

Some women with older husbands are young girls, and the like in your family?

 - Woman-child I never had. At age 17, I began to work and to provide itself. I never hid behind her husband, we always go through life side by side.

Julia, tell me what is the secret of your family happiness?

 - Family life - it's non-stop work. This patience to overcome themselves and, in many cases, the infringement of its own interests. In some cases, we need to learn to be silent, in others - ask forgiveness or forgive herself. Happy family life - it's constant work on a

. The owner of the house who?

 - I even it was never conceived. We never found out who the leader in the family and shared responsibilities. The husband can safely wash the dishes, and I hammer a nail into the wall. We do not have domestic squabbles.

How do you recharge energy, because the family and the business takes a lot of strength?

 - I love to read, strength and knowledge I draw it from the books. Very often I find in them answers to pressing questions at the moment. In the evening, we are going the whole family sit down in the living room and read a book aloud. It helps to get close and learn a lot.

What would be willing to women who have a difficult choice?

 - Do not under any circumstances do not give up, always go forward! Whatever advice you do not give advice, but the final choice is up to you. Whatever you're planning to do, it is important to remember that the main goal of any business - is to help people find life more joy, meaning and success using the services or products you provide them. The concept of our company based on the principle: "You are so going to be happy in life, how you will benefit the world!" Mother Teresa said: "Let no one who comes to you, do not go away from you, not feeling himself a little better and happier"


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