Sweet gift. (30 pics + 1 video)

I would like to tell you about something positive, beloved and sweet. In this festive spring day.
What could be sweeter than candy? Only Candy!

The most unusual candy produced Finns, they can be quite acidic. It is believed that these are the candy is not complete, but rather makes it slimmer.

Also, the Finns as the true beer lovers, produced candy to it - salty. There in their stores and more unusual konfety.Dazhe with taste similar to oil.

Generally sweets prepared for centuries.

Naturally, they were meant only for the rich people, though often the ingredients were very accessible.

So in Russia sweets prepared from maple syrup, honey and molasses. And in the east fig and almond are quite common.

In ancient Rome, sweets were difficult - they were doing from nuts, poppy seeds, honey, sesame seeds.

Who is the most revered believe praline candy - nuts in sugar. In Germany, they kept the lead in terms of sales, but chocolates are also very popular.

They are loved by children and adults around the world. Prepare them from cocoa powder, milk and sugar. Candy, chocolate can be completely or be filled.

As the filling is used roasted nuts, marzipan, waffle, brandy and more.
Chocolate is considered a substitute for the hormone of happiness, which is always ready to help lighten the mood. Therefore chocolates especially loved girls.

So many kinds of caramel sweets.

They are made from various types of hard candy piece or with stuffing. The filling is fruit-berry or other.

You can distinguish the lollipop,

which often make the tastes of different fruits, berries, mint or other products (cocoa, coffee, milk, etc.).

Since Soviet times, it is well known to us Iris "Golden Key". But not only in our country and made it produce. Abroad, this kind of candy is also popular, and can be tastier of our peers.

The very first appeared in Egypt. Since the sugar at the time was not yet known, instead, he ate dates and honey.

Most unjustly accused candy - chocolate.
In Europe, in the XVI century, during the craze of chocolate, he is credited with magical and healing properties.

Naturally, expectations were not realized, and then it was seen as just a source of all evils. One young woman wrote to her friend: "I advise you do not have chocolate. My friend ate it during pregnancy and gave birth to a completely black child ┬╗.

The most romantic candy
This candy with strawberry filling, so consider the German psychologists.

By the way, resolute people prefer a cherry filling, shy - nut, and creative - coconut.

The most tempting sweets
At the beginning of the XIX century, even the rich and noble ladies, being at dinner receptions, discreetly hidden in redikyuli candy.

The explanation is simply indecent behavior: in Russia there was confectioneries and pastry each for every dinner party prepared candies own recipe, which is kept in the strictest confidence.

The most famous candy - a praline

They were invented in 1663. Chef cooked them especially for the French ambassador in Germany and pralines still holds the record for sales in Germany and Switzerland.

The biggest box of chocolates
Company "Master of Food" produced it for World culinary show. The box width of 1, 5, and a length of 2, 5 meters included 800 kg of chocolates!

Most cosmic candy
In 1995, Russian cosmonauts on the station "Mir" was asked to send them to the Earth's candy. The MCC was decided that the safest in weightlessness will be candy "Chupa Chups".

Astronaut with lollipop videotaped and infomercial brought the company Chupa Chups glory only in the world of sweets, popular not only on Earth, but in space.

Most Russian candy - the famous set of "Bird's milk┬╗.

Initially it was a cake, and prepared him for the enterprise "Rot Front". It was the secret of agar - jelly, which is extracted from seaweed. He, incidentally, is also used for finishing fabrics.

Today, you can give the beloved whole bouquets of sweets.

Candy can help you a declaration of love.



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