The most expensive food in the world that is worth more than you do in a year!

The notion that such an expensive meal, vary enormously. For some, this red fish, for others - a rare white truffles. And how you this option - strawberry dessert for nearly $ 4 million? Hard to believe that this is possible in real life, but in the menu of some restaurants do have a dish with "space" price tags. These dishes are ordered infrequently. However, institutions are in no hurry to exclude them from its range.

< Restaurant Arnaud's, New Orleans (United States)

Strawberry dessert - 3, 95 million dollars

The popular Arnaud's restaurant in the US state of Louisiana have a meal on the menu, which is often called the most expensive dessert in the world. The dish is flooded with sweet strawberry syrup, decorated with mint leaves. What institution asks almost 4 million? The secret dessert - unusual in its decor. Apart from mint leaves, strawberries decorated with a large ring with a gem - a pink diamond. Expensive Accessory points on the meaning feast - is intended to offer his beloved hand and heart. Order "strawberry attraction" can be arranged in advance with the direction of the restaurant.


Confectioner 'Takashimaya' Tokyo

Diamond cake - 1, 7 million

And this cake is produced at Christmas in 2005 in Tokyo confectionery. On the creation of treats bothered to master Jeong-Hoon Yoon. Development dessert design took more than six months. Marzipan dainty pastry decorated with 223 diamonds, some of which were made in the shape of hearts. By the way, I get a small cake - its height of only 20 centimeters

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Private confectioner Nobu Icarus, Japan

Platinum Cake - 130 thousand dollars

Apparently, the love for extremely expensive desserts - a common phenomenon in the country of the rising sun. Several years ago, a Japanese pastry chef Nobu Icarus baked cake cost 130 thousand dollars. Treats, made in the style of the wedding, it was decorated with a variety of platinum jewelry. Cake has become the main decoration of the conference, organized by Platinum Guild International, which specializes in products made of platinum.

Restaurant Hotel Lindeth Howe Country House, UK

Chocolate dessert - 34, 5 thousand dollars

And this is a treat - for the sweet tooth with a more modest budget. Chocolate dessert from British chef Mark Guibert. Sweet dish with Belgian chocolate decorated with two diamonds and edible gold. Dessert is served in a dish, egg stylized, the design of which was developed by Theo Faberge, the grandson of the famous jeweler. In 2011, the chocolate dish Mark Guibert was recognized as the most expensive dessert in the UK.


Restaurant Serpendity, New York

Chocolate dessert Frrozen Haute Chocolate - $ 25 000

Ice cream created from 25 varieties of cocoa from different parts of the world (14 of them - the most expensive and exotic), served in the New York Serpendity restaurant. The food is served in a transparent container with whipped cream, truffle and a few leaves of edible gold. As a complement to a dessert spoon is gold, inlaid with diamonds. Spoon restaurant allows take home with them - it is included in the price. Dessert can be ordered only by prior arrangement with the institution. In 2007 Frrozen Haute Chocolate entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive dessert at the time in the world.


Restaurant at The Fortress Sri Lanka

Dessert "Fisherman" - 14, 5 thousand dollars

Intricately refreshments provided in the form of a composition with the figure of the fisherman on stilts, offers restaurant The Fortress in Sri Lanka. The dish is made from premium champagne Dom Perignon, fruit and handmade chocolate. The highlight of the dessert - a large aquamarine, which guest, of course, be able to keep the

. 913ac830ca.jpg

By the way, figure fisherman on long stilts - not the fruit of violent fantasies confectioner. The method of fishing on stilts wooden stilts and was coined in Sri Lanka during the Second World War in the period of acute food shortages.

< Restaurant Renato Viola, Miami

< Pizza Louis XIII Remy Martin - 8300 Euro

Dish, which is sold hardly any at every step, as it turned out, too, can cost big money. For the pizza from the famous Italian chef Renato Viola (he recently moved from Italy to the United States) are asked to 8300 euro. Orders dish pizza master takes personally in his restaurant in Miami Beach. Ready meals in the presence of the customer (if he so wishes, of course). The main ingredients of the pizza, bearing the royal name "Louis XIII┬╗, are the lobster meat, shrimp, three kinds of caviar, lobster meat, buffalo mozzarella - cheese made from the milk of black buffalo. And no diamonds.


Restaurant Fleur by Hubert Keller, Las Vegas

Flerburger 5000 - five thousand dollars

The restaurant of French chef Hubert Keller's in Las Vegas you can order a burger with foie gras and black truffle. Served with french fries and a bottle of wine Chateau Petrus. The decor in the form of precious stones is not provided for this dish.


Restaurant Bombay Brasserie, London

Indian dish samundari Khazana - $ 3000

Spicy dish of whole lobster, black truffles, snails, crab meat Devonian and Beluga caviar is served in a London restaurant Indian food Bombay Brasserie. The food, which is prepared by the chef Prahlad Hedge, is the most expensive item of the places menu.


In this hard to believe, but at least two courses from this list can, according to scientists, cause dependence.

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