Desserts from around the world

Cooks all over the world are constantly experimenting with different flavors and presentation of their dishes. They are expanding the boundaries of what used to be called dessert, use a scientific approach and try to surprise us with unexpected new flavor. Here are 10 unusual, strange desserts that may surprise you. 1. Ice cream with liquid nitrogen, Filippiny

Food for astronauts preparing for a long time with the help of ultra-fast freezing, but not all restaurants dare to apply the technology of molecular gastronomy. For example in one of the restaurants in Manila prepare ice cream «Nitro». At the same time take fresh cream and frozen rapidly before their visitors by using liquid nitrogen. Here you can try ice cream with unusual flavors such as lavender, rose, osmanthus and even "bacon and eggs." 2. Pignata dark chocolate, Chicago, SSHA

By ordering this dessert at Chicago restaurant Alinea, you can prepare for this presentation. Waiter directly on the countertop draws intricate patterns with red cranberry syrup and yellow butternut squash sauce, followed evaporated sauce of sweet beer. Rounding all this action breaking big chocolate balls the size of bowling balls that are filled with cotton candy, dried sweet biscuits, ice cream and other surprises. 3. Cake «Cherpumple», Los Angeles, SSHA

This dessert was invented in 2009, the American humorist, who has decided to hoist the three classic American pie: apple, cherry and pumpkin at each other, bind them together cream cheese glaze. Then all the cakes are baked in a huge spicy cake. A piece of the cake you can immediately add 1,800 calories. 4. Sultan's Golden Cake, Istanbul, Turtsiya

The five-star luxury hotel Ciragan Palace in Istanbul offers visitors an exclusive dessert for cooking which takes 72 hours. Pre-dessert of figs, apricots, quinces and pears marinated in Jamaican rum for 2 years, then add vanilla rare French Polynesia, sprinkled with caramelized black truffles and cover the cake with edible gold flakes of 24-carat. Himself cake served in a silver box with a gold seal. 5. deep fried candy Shotlandiya

The idea of ​​frying sweets originated in Scotland, when someone decided to fry Mars bar. Since then fried sweets have become a popular snack in restaurants and fast food are often served with fries. This dish can be cooked at home, dipped its batter-fried and down. However, for those who follow the figure, this delicacy is a real "calorie bomb". 6. Green dysentery, Tayvan

In Taipei, Taiwan's capital, you can find a lot of exotic venues. In one of them in the restaurant «Modern Toilet» (Modern toilet), all meals are served in bowls as a toilet, and a dessert in the form of excrement to fit very organically. In fact, these food ingredients are absolutely normal. If you are not afraid of the name, you can order a "Green dysentery" - a dessert based on ice cream with kiwi sauce, or the variant with "blood" colored with strawberry sauce. 7. Dessert "English breakfast" Irlandiya

If you visit in Dublin, you can order an unusual dessert popular local chef Vicky Macdonald (Vicky McDonald), who looks like a real English breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage, baked beans and bacon. In fact, all the ingredients are sweet. Sausage is made of sponge cake with peanut butter, beans, biscuit and white chocolate floating in orange and strawberry puree and eggs - it is nothing like pannakota with lemon fondant. 8. Desert «Ais Kacang», Malaysia and Singapur

In Malaysia and Singapore is popular dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice, flavored with red beans, corn, green jelly and condensed milk, which gives it a very colorful look. At the heart of this dessert are always shaved ice and red beans and other ingredients vary from palm seeds, smelly durian fruit to red gelatin. 9. Milk devilish cake, Los Angeles, SSHA

Cake "three milk" - a classic dessert from three kinds of milk, which is very popular in Latin America. However, in the Los Angeles restaurant Chego ershili give this dish a little sharpness. To do this cake is poured a mixture of condensed milk, flavored with cinnamon and hot cayenne pepper, add the tapioca pudding and roasted nuts in spicy peanut. 10. Desert of chicken breast, Turtsiya

Traditional Turkish dessert called «Tavuk Göğsü» made from chicken breast, though you can hardly feel it. Finely ground chicken breast sweetened with a mixture of rice, milk, sugar, flour and oil, then generously sprinkled with cinnamon and almonds. During the Ottoman Empire, a dish in the form of a pudding served as dessert in the Turkish sultans Topkapi Palace.



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