20 reasons to read as often as possible

The book - one of the closest and most loyal friends. In them we find answers to questions, discover new things to think about, get tips for the most important situations. Books share experience, foster human in us and support in difficult times.

We are in the Website madly in love with literature and share statements of those who also did not imagine his life without reading.

Learn and read. Read the book seriously. Life will do the rest. Dostoevsky As of cents compiled rubles, and from reading prepared pellets knowledge. VI Dal

Some books should be tasted, others - swallow, and only a few - to chew and digest. Francis Bacon

All good books are alike in one thing: when you read to the end, do you think that all this has happened to you, and so it is always with you and will remain. Ernest Hemingway

Anyone who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can not read it. Mark Twain

Reading good books - a conversation with the the best people in past times, and, moreover, such a conversation when they tell us only the best thoughts. Rene Descartes

The house in which there is no book, like a body deprived of souls. MT Cicero

Is there a crime worse than burning books. For example, do not read them Ray Bradbury

The best cinema in the world -. Is the brain, and you know it when you read a good book. Ridley Scott

Culture - it is not the number of books read, and the number of witnesses. FA Iskander

When reading authors who write well, you get used to speak well. F. Voltaire

People who read the book will always be controlled by, who watches TV. F. Genlis I was educated in the library. Absolutely free. Ray Bradbury To become smart enough to read 10 books, but to find them, you need to read thousands Author unknown Books -. Ships thoughts wandering on the waves of time and carefully carrying their precious cargo from generation to generation. Francis Bacon Trust books, they are the closest. They are silent when it is necessary, and it is said to open before you the world, if necessary. Author unknown

When you read the wise words of others come to mind their own clever ideas. M. Lashkov read paradox: it leads us away from reality to reality filled with meaning. A. Pennac A collection of books - the same university. Thomas Carlyle Read the whole do not need; you need to read something that answers the questions arising in the soul. Leo Tolstoy

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