Love at a distance of: stork overcomes 13,000 km, to be with his beloved

Site has learned a very romantic story, and in a hurry to share with their readers. Every August a stork named Klepatan forced to leave his girlfriend Malena, to migrate to South Africa. Unfortunately, Malena can fly with it - 22 years ago, her wounded hunter, and since then she is left alone and patiently waiting for her future husband. Over the last 15 years Klepatan faithful, overcoming the distance of 13 thousand kilometers, returned to his beloved in March. While the stork in Africa caring for Malena former school janitor. Storks built their love nest directly on the roof of his house, which is located in a small village Brodsky Varos, Croatia. It is because he became aware of the story of true love.

Each year, the couple are born adorable fledglings, which helps educate Klepatan.



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