30 incredible cakes, which impressed us deeply

In the edition of Site still remember the times when everyone ate the same cake: those that are sold in the pastry departments of grocery stores. As a rule, they were with butter cream and meringue. Decorated with pale pink flowers. Nothing outstanding. And now in vogue cakes to order - every anniversary or celebration becomes an occasion to invent and produce something of such things, amazing! We offer the reader a selection of cakes pictures, which we are particularly impressed.

Cake for nostalgiruyuschih

For the proletariat ready for anything! 51,996,379

await you strange taste oschuscheniya

< ! br> Adoration bacon cake

favorite multfilm

dumplings without haste ...

For additional sensations could present to boil and leave the top - that would be an experiment
Caviar is now at such prices that even fake othvatit

Jews, it seems, are still humorists

Give them already caviar

Borsch:! Now sweetie

a Powerful!

I can not believe that all of this -! cake

Well, what else could a cake to give the director of the cemetery

it would not be confused and had no idea put on ...

Finally, you can stick two fingers into the socket!

Pope, replacing the counter and do not worry!

How many buckets there should have been peretaskat to such cake gave ...

Gloves -? that should be

What hunter does not like to eat a piece of cake

Even pity have a favorite kamazik

Kosha? ..

Even the eggplant dazzled! 19,824,247

Moidodyr have your cake! 9,471,977

easiest way to come up with a cake as a gift okulistu

already and Internet heroes cakes delayut

For those who always malo

Lover pennogo

bottle washed though?

For true patriotov

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