Breathing exercises Marina Korpan for weight loss

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This technique allows to significantly reduce the amount of problem areas: waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Breathing exercises Marina Korpan for weight loss helps in the shortest possible time to achieve amazing results.

The performance techniques what's the secret To the effectiveness of this technique of weight loss? Provided regular training and proper performance of breathing practices a few weeks to reduce body volume by 10-35 cm (depending on initial parameters). First you will see the results already after 10 days (that's when Marina recommends performing the first measurement). Before starting training we recommend you write down your original settings. Measure the waist, the area above the waist (5 cm above it), under the waist (2-3 cm below the navel), hips (widest area), feet (top and above the knee).

The basis of this technique is a special type of breathing, as well as elements of the ancient system of healing – yoga (stretching, muscle tension). How does breathing exercises? A deep breath, performed in the first stage, starts the process of hyperventilation of the lungs. Such breathing our brain associates with danger (remember how we breathe, suddenly afraid of something). The next step is a long full exhale with three "davidoni". It is associated with anoxia and is regarded as a serious danger to life. In response, the brain speeds up metabolism, triggers the emergency mode of extraction "emergency reserves" necessary for survival. Blood enriched with oxygen, is rapidly flowing through his veins and "collecting tribute". Because blood flows more to areas where muscles are tense, there are beginning to burn the reserves of fat. This explains why occisis (breathing exercises) helps you to lose weight problem areas. Simply put, we artificially create the body to a stressful situation. Due to this the rate of burning of fatty tissue are accelerated by 140% compared to conventional training, not accompanied by a specific breath. You can train anytime, but it is better to take for this morning. The training duration is 15-20 minutes.

Principles of respiratory Marina Korpan is the founder oxidize (breathing exercises) in our country. She recorded video tutorials, which have sold in large editions. Marina describes in great detail the stages of deep breathing. Offer them to your attention.

In the standing position lower the shoulders, take them slightly back, knees slightly bend, place feet parallel to each other. Approximately one third of the maximum effort pull your stomach. Tighten your buttocks, push the hips slightly forward and up. Blades together and pull toward your spine, straighten the back. Inflating belly straight and take a deep breath, while straining press and buttocks. Lips stretch out as if smiling. Then do another 3 breaths (short and sharp), each time stronger than inflating the stomach. In the next stage exhale through the mouth, relaxing the buttocks and lowering the pelvis (the press remains in tension). In conclusion, follow these 3 short exhalation. Fully squeeze the air out of lungs and pull your stomach stronger. Repeating the steps 4 times you run the 1 breathing cycle.

Special instructions Marina warns that at first may experience dizziness, so it is better to increase the duration of exercise gradually. Breathing exercises Marina Korpan for weight loss has almost no contraindications, but consult a doctor is still worth it (especially if there are chronic diseases).

Reviews Breathing exercises for weight loss Marina Korpan suggested that has positive reviews. It does not breath, does not require a specific "sound", like in body Flex. Weight loss is fast enough, and while adhering to rigid dietary restrictions is not necessary (enough to give up "junk food", alcohol, sweets).published 



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