About mystic words — the spine

Many years of counselling people experiencing life psychological problems that led me to fixing the "strange" patterns – almost all of them have had certain problems with the spine.

As an anatomical part of the body the spine is deservedly the center of attention in medicine, neurophysiology, neurology and other branches of science. But the "mysterious role" that part of the body remains outside the purview of modern science. But the gist of it, like many other phenomena of life, recorded in the word-sign "spine".

Inside the words stuck unusual feature – a "call", "call", "ringer — spine." It is well known what a big role is played by nerve centers located in the spine, but miraculously ignored the main role of the mission of spine is to give signals, to respond to events and condition in which we find ourselves.

What are you talking about? That is usually when the diagnosis of various diseases, a conclusion is made about the need for "treatment" of the spine. What does it mean really? The procedure of "treatment" are that in fact the spine shut. Ie, figuratively speaking, by analogy with the bell – "sick language" THAN calling. Completely ignores CAUSE and effect. It's not a spine "sick", and often "head", and more specifically the psyche, and more specifically – the SOUL of man.

Doing "business" on people's ignorance of modern medicine and its satellites in the face of various kinds of "masseurs" and "chiropractors" give customers a temporary exemption from PHYSICAL suffering, making people slaves to their "worries" and eternal clients and financial "donors". Because they ignored WHAT "calls" — signals the spine. And "sound the alarm" he begins, then, when I went to "OVERLOAD" — when we take the "load" more than I can bear.

You should pay particular attention to the fact that the spine still THAN we have overloaded – physically measured weight in the form of, for example, bags, rods and other objects or mental problems in the form of experiences, concerns and others like them, not physically measurable phenomena. The result is THE SAME – "sick" spine.

Ie shift the vertebrae are pressed nerve appendages, formed a hernia, cease to function properly the internal organs, and everything else. But is the "sick" not "ringer", ill the situation in which we find ourselves, sick of our stupid head or infantile SOUL.

The FIRST, if not the only thing you need to do when the "disease" of the spine is to conduct a review, an inventory of the problems that we ourselves are loaded. We must CONSCIOUSLY throw off the load which we often are not clear why and FOR WHAT purpose — either out of habit or stupidity.

It can be argued – but there are circumstances which will not "dismiss" that are associated with the responsibility or care, for example, patients, children, the infirm elderly, etc. one of such circumstances should be CONSCIOUSLY RECONSIDERED.

They must be given an appropriate value, a new MEANING. As an example, we can cite the well-known "reception" where in order to maintain vitality and tone regular cleaning of your home can be transferred to the cleaning status "bits of Universe", for which I am responsible. And in a strange way, THIS understanding of cleaning it from the routine becomes almost complicity in the things of God, reveals to us a new meaning of our actions. It is important that while THIS is TRUE, it is.
And, lo and behold, relieving yourself from pointless problems and rethinking what we should do, we get "recovery" of the spine. In fact, he didn't have anything more, "call". And that can'T explain "science", the vertebrae fall into place, restores the function of internal organs, disappears intervertebral hernia, etc.

The wise saying – "Help yourself" and "All the drugs inside of you" (remember the unexplained science of the PLACEBO effect), are much more universal and profound meaning than it may seem at first. It is really a mystery. Cheers. published

Author: Azamat Janemba


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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