How to choose a mattress? Orthopedic, anatomic, cotton and other types of mattresses

< To begin with, a little explanation about the spelling of the words "mattress" or "mattress»:

Russian language is extremely rich and complex, and sometimes you have to think before you choose the right pronunciation of the word. Words mattress or mattress are like "mystery" of the language. So how do you properly say "mattress" or "mattress", "Beds" or "mattresses"? And the same is due to the appearance in the Russian language almost identical two words? The fact that the word "mattress or mattress" - not originally Russian and came to us from other languages. Why is language, not language? The word "mattress" exists in many European languages: mattress (Eng.), Matelas (fr.), Matratze (it.), Matras (goal). Etc. Moreover, it also exists in Arabic.

Very often, choosing furniture showroom in bed (or bedroom), the buyer pays a lot of time choosing a bed or closet, but no mattress. In the kitchen - you cook in the closet - add up the dates (and unnecessary) things on the couch - just sit (sometimes convenient, and sometimes - not very much), but on the bed you sleep. And do it every night throughout his life. Poor cabinet or furniture can be annoying, but no more. Poor quality as the mattress will not just bring you discomfort, but also harm your health. Let's take care of his dream, that he was not only quiet, but also healthy.
From choosing a mattress for sleeping, primarily is to understand what it is and what features it should have. At night, falling asleep in the wrong position, you can cause pain in the back and neck. Also wrong orthopedic posture does not allow the muscles to relax, thus preventing deep sleep phase when the body needs to rest as much as possible. In addition, the rigid diet or work late at night usually make changes in sleep phase. Nice stay - a solution to these problems. Good sleep is also very important for our health and helps prevent problems with the whole spine. Sleep - important for memory, health and affects the ability to perceive new information. Choosing a good mattress and pillows - vital for recreation. Properly selected mattress ensures that the spine, which we have when standing upright (straight).
"Correct" mattress can help prevent stress and solve the problems associated with the spine.
< Choose the mattress you need individually. The concepts of "mattress", "anatomic mattress" is not correct. Worldwide say about orthopedic and anatomical effect. But this article is called, so that many people would understand what it is.
The main objective of the mattress with the anatomical effect to repeat all the contours and shape of the body, keeping the spine in its natural position and relax the muscles of the back. Too hard mattress pressure on the spine, and too soft - give it to sag. And although the disease back mattress cure is not capable, but it can effectively relieve stress and fatigue, relieve the spine, thereby better sleep. The more natural position of the spine is, the higher the anatomical effect. This effect is primarily dependent upon the filling of the mattress. Orthopedic effect - mean rigidity. Mattress with orthopedic effect only for medicinal purposes, and only on prescription orthotics. Worth noting, the back muscles on a mattress with orthopedic effect tense and relax.
Types of mattresses
Mattresses are divided into two main types: Spring and springless
Spring mattresses em> mattresses are of 2 types: with dependent spring-type "bonel" and with independent springs ( packet-spring). Double cone springs "bonel" - is coiled in a spiral wire. The entire mattress consists of individual springs interconnected. Such a mattress have different rigidity zones (the same stiffness over the entire length). Spring mattress ALWAYS pick according to your weight. On a double mattress contains the effect of "wave", "rolling". There is the concept of "fatigue" springs creak. Layer between the box spring and a cover, which many producers call thermofelt actually made of clothes «second hand» pulverized into dust. Mattresses made on the basis of the spring-block type "bonel" have the advantage - low price.
Another option manufacture spring unit - based on independent springs pocket type. Used springs cylindrical shape, each of which is inserted into a special pouch (pocket). The bags are glued together with glue, which emit toxic fumes during the whole time of the mattress. Such a mattress effect "wave" is less than that of a mattress with springs dependent, but, however, completely rule out its not possible. The technology enables the use of more springs of smaller diameters. It is important to know how many springs are in square meters of the mattress! The more - the better. Must be punctulate load to be able to talk about the anatomical effect. In blocks of independent springs should be more than 600 m3 of springs. If the springs more than 600 sq.m., such a double mattress will cost about $ 2,000.
The interior space of any spring mattress is the place to dust, microorganisms and household insects and completely inaccessible for cleaning. Slashing through the year using any spring mattress you'll be surprised how much dust and dirt in it, and the spring will have rust. Furthermore, a spring mattress, as well as on steel armored meshes as it sags wear vertebrae, muscles and warp are in tension overnight. In the morning, it is difficult to bend, it hurts to turn neck. Every spring mattress stores electromagnetic waves that cause unnecessary for the body microvibration.
Springless mattresses em> for Springless mattresses, then over the years found that they have more advantages compared to spring mattresses. What are they?
< water mattress. The human body consists of 80% water, so the water mattress provides optimal surface for him to sleep without too much pressure and discomfort. It perfectly distribute the body weight on the surface, as water flows inside of the points of application of force larger to smaller, thus a large area of ​​the mattress is in contact with the body. But, unfortunately, the weight distribution of different people varies greatly, so when on the water bed sleeping man with heavy hips and thighs, the water moves out of the area, flowing in the shoulder area, which causes them to squeeze, and those who used to sleeping on her side, curvature of the spine. Some waterbeds do with multiple cameras, but the precise balance of water for both people sleeping on different sides of the double bed is practically impossible to achieve. Sometimes this problem is solved by changing the amount of water in the chambers. Important point, water mattresses are very heavy (up to a ton in weight!), Besides they should regularly change the water (every two - three years). Difficulties arise in the presence of pets in the apartment. They bite through or torn mattress, then your neighbors will reduce the probability of not happy about this "surprise". After damaging water mattress can not be restored. Water has an energy storage. On such a mattress can sleep only with electricity. And in the absence of electricity to the water mattress is cooled to 24 degrees (room temperature).
< Air mattresses. The air makes the mattress more comfortable than the spring, more stable than the water, and they provide better support. Each molecule of air support their part of the weight of the human body, evenly distributing it across the sleeping surface. Air mattresses are made of two parts, so that everyone can pump up their side according to their preferences. To go to the air chamber tube management system firmness of the mattress. On the floor beside the bed is placed at the head of a small compressor, with the help of an air mattress is filled with air, it also regulates the amount of air and, consequently, the hardness of the mattress from the "soft as down pillow" to "highly rigid." Unfortunately, air mattresses loud buzzing compressor on the market, they are not represented, and the price of such a quality mattress is about 5000 euro.
< viscoelastic mattresses. They were originally developed by NASA order to extinguish the load on the body at the start of the astronauts. But the properties of the polymer, just taking the form of the human body, by the way, and were on the ground, and for twenty years successfully used in Western medicine. Polymers which made mattress, respond to weight and warmth - at room temperature viscoelastic foam has the property of "flow" to form the corresponding recesses of the body, while he does not "sag", providing adequate support. This mattress reduces pressure on the body and supports the musculoskeletal during sleep because the contours of the body takes the form of a sleeping whenever it receives a new pose. Therefore mattresses are well-known orthopedic properties: body weight on them evenly distributed over the surface, removing tension not only in the muscle, but in the joints. Especially recommended are mattresses for those who have problems with the spine, joints, insomnia and restless sleep. Another advantage of viscoelastic mattresses is that it will be ideal for two people of different weights, sleeping in a double bed.
< Futonovye (cotton) mattress. Futon simply means a conventional cotton. The word is Japanese and refers to the traditional Japanese bedding system. Basically what a cotton mattress - our man does not need to explain. Rather required to explain why it is they suddenly become so incredibly popular in America. Probably because these mattresses stuffed with eco-friendly material, not much resemble our striped acquaintances. Inner packing futonovogo mattress is done using a special process in which the individual fibers are combed cotton of different lengths and placed in a thin web. The machine puts these "web" at each other. Then, in the stitching seams on the type of batt, and the plates are already in turn stitched to the mattress. Good futonovye mattresses made of cotton textile quality.
< Latex mattresses
Latex - natural material, which is foamed milk of the rubber tree. For the production of latex mattresses, latex milk is poured into a mold and heated. In this case the milk is foamed as pie in the oven. Thanks to a special treatment acquires microscopic configuration similar to a honeycomb structure with air cells. However, the side effect is crust that forms in the manufacture of a mattress using natural rubber latex (20%), which does not breathe. These mattresses absorb moisture very well but ill give it. So sometimes it may seem soggy mattress. The lifetime of the mattress for about 5 years, then it falls apart.
The best are the mattresses of the so-called "artificial latex", or with a low content of latex (20%). Inner material is similar in structure to a sponge and an effect mikropruzhin million, not as 600-1200 in the best spring mattresses. It is very important to ensure breathability and moisture. The foaming process takes place without an increase in temperature, which ensures the absence of "nonbreathers peel". Various cavities and channels provide the most correct posture and optimum climate sleep. In favor of these mattresses says how easy caring for them, and a long cycle of their use. The hardness and elasticity of the mattress depending on the density of the foam, the number of holes and their diameter. Therefore mattresses are well-known anatomical properties: weight on them evenly distributed over the surface, removing tension not only in the muscle, but in the joints. Especially recommended are mattresses for those who have problems with the spine, joints, insomnia. Another advantage of the synthetic latex mattress is that it is ideal for two people of different weights, sleeping in a double bed.
Thus, springless mattresses "synthetic latex" or not high-latex (20%) promote relaxation of muscles and joints during sleep. This beneficial effect on those who have observed back pain, arthritis, rheumatism and other pains. In addition to this, the mattress is air-permeable and, thanks to their microporous structure, it is elastic and allows to absorb and remove moisture from the body. Mattress ensures the correct position of the spine in all circumstances, irrespective of body weight. It also helps to relax the muscles and proper blood circulation. Mattress correctly distributes pressure in three different places on the body (head, torso, legs) that helps restore strength, blood pressure.
More information on choosing a mattress
Orthopedic mattress - is a complex structure made of different materials, each of which has its own unique qualities and characteristics. This should be considered when choosing a mattress that was not only a sleeper, but also has a beneficial effect on your body. Correctly chosen mattress contributes to the formation you have a healthy body and cheerfulness of the spirit.
Mattress must pick based on the individual parameters of the person. Such an algorithm is developed to select the mattress by a study conducted in conjunction with the podiatrist.
How to choose a mattress?
To choose the right mattress, you need to pay attention to the following questions:
1. Age man.
2. The weight of the person. Choosing a mattress for two people sleeping on a mattress, you must consider both the weight and the difference between their weights.
3. The image of a person's life, his physical activity throughout the day.
4. The presence or absence of pain in the spine and neck.
5. Individual desire for comfort and anatomic.

Let's look at these options more:
Age man an orthopedic mattress starts with this parameter. This parameter directly affects the selection of the stiffness and anatomic mattress. The younger a person is, the more rigid it is necessary to choose mattresses than people older - the construction of the mattress to be softer. This is due to the activity of the human body.
< Until 25-27 years the human body is growing rapidly, and for the formation of the correct structure of his muscles and spine require rigid fixation. This can be achieved only while lying horizontally. This situation can only provide a firm mattress or a mattress of medium hardness.
At the age of from 25-27 to 47 years , when they reach a certain level of development of the organism, it has been functioning without a physiologically meaningful change. During this period, the selection of the mattress more based on the physical condition of the body and the person's lifestyle. In this period of life fit any kind of rigidity mattresses. You can choose based solely on their own preferences.
At the age of from 47-50 years people need special comfort for sleeping. During this period it is necessary to select a soft mattress (reduced stiffness) and high Anatomichnyj. These parameters provide the distribution of the mattress support between the spine and the separate parts of the human body, and, in addition, are responsible for the effects on the respiratory and circulatory systems during sleep.

Weight rights. The difference between the weight of two people. a single person with a weight of 60 kg to 90 kg of weight parameter key is not choosing a mattress should be guided by other parameters.
For people whose weight is in the range of from 40 kg to 60 kg should choose the soft mattress of which fit the criteria of stiffness and age of the person.
For those who has a weight of 90 kg, you should choose the most hard mattress of models suitable for age.
It should be remembered that each mattress because of its design features is limited by the maximum weight allowed on one berth.
Bed for two people, selected according to the weight of each, in addition, must also take into account the difference in weight between them. Differences in 30 kg. When a big difference in the weight of the mattress may limit the choice of materials used in the construction of the mattress.


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